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Jungle Scout Niche Hunter Review

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What is Niche Hunter by Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout Niche Hunter is a simple, accurate way to locate ideal opportunities on Amazon. As a new Jungle Scout feature, Niche Hunter can streamline your product research efforts on this huge marketplace. It can actually make this process 50 times easier. Using this innovative feature, you can cut through the market noise and find top-rated sales niches and products.

Opportunity Finder Niche Hunter

How to Use Niche Hunter

When using Niche Hunter, first decide what type of niche interests you most. Your niche may be a category or the monthly demand of a product. Other popular niches are the price and degree of competition. Since the Niche Hunter database of available opportunities updates in real-time, there is a continuous flow of new opportunities. To give you more perspective, there are now nearly a million niche opportunities with many more coming into view daily.

Features and Benefits of This Advanced Niche Finder

Major features and benefits of this new niche-finding technology from Jungle Scout include the following:


With a single click, you can determine a product niche’s Best Seller Ranks, Price Points and Number of Reviews. You can also discover how lucrative this product niche can be. Perhaps this niche has potential but is not the one for you. If so, Niche Hunter reveals all keywords that Amazon considers as related searches.

For your benefit, the top ten products for a related keyword are displayed. With one click, you can add an item to your Product Tracker. This enables you to gather Amazon sales data through due diligence. With this valuable aid, you can best decide if this product niche is a good choice. If you click on the product, you can access the product page on Amazon. Here you can obtain the product listing title, images, best reviews and other information for evaluating this item.

Average Price:

The Average Price feature can be a great help in deciding whether a particular product niche is right for you. It enables you to determine whether the niche aligns with your product selling ideas, plans and needs. This feature reveals the likelihood of your own pricing for retail sales of a product proving profitable. If you plan to sell a product priced at $35, but the average price is just $10, you cannot count on making a profit.


Currently, 500,000 new products become available through the Amazon store each day. By first choosing a specific category, you can greatly simplify your research for an ideal product niche. The Category feature in Niche Hunter enables you to search within the extensive Amazon categories supported by Jungle Scout. It helps you use filters to focus on Amazon catalog products that suit your criteria for selecting a niche.

Average Units Sold:

The Daily Average Units sold figure is revealed in the Niche Hunter Product Tracker. This figure equals the average number of units sold during the time a product has been tracked by the system. The maximum tracking time for a product is 60 days. This is different from the Estimated Sales data as shown in the Extension or Product Database. The Daily Average Units figure is the number of actual product sales. This figure is obtained by dividing the total sales for the date range by the number of product tracking days.


The Competition rate is calculated with a score of 1-10. A score of 1 is the least competitive while 10 indicates gadget accessories. Products with a score of 1 usually have a low review count. They are likely to gain a page 1 search engine ranking.

LQS (Listing Quality Score):

The Listing Quality Score (LQS) is the result of measuring to what degree the listings in each niche are optimized. Amazon SEO utilizes a specific method of optimization for listings for gaining higher rankings.

Opportunity Score:

The algorithm for Niche Hunter analyses the different data that determines a quality product opportunity. This data includes monthly demand, price, competition, and competitive listings. From this information, a numerical Opportunity Score is determined. On a scale of 0-100 (on which 100 is the top-rated seller opportunity), you can obtain an accurate overview.

You can discover a niche’s true potential when using Jungle Scout Niche Hunter. If a niche appeals to you, you can gain an instantaneous analysis of its sales potential by viewing its seller metrics. These metrics include the top five sellers for the niche keyword.

Jungle Scout Niche Hunter


Jungle Scout Niche Hunter enables you to begin your niche research and streamline it. Its filters help you pinpoint your ideal product niche for gaining the most sales conversions. Just by inputting data for the product niche information you desire, you can receive the most relevant product listings. You can enter this information easily from a single dashboard that is easy to use.

It allows you to decide the parameters and returns a list of the best-related niches and keyword suggestions. You can then examine this data in detail, gathering valuable insights about the highest rated products per niche. You can then make an informed choice of the most profitable product niche. Without wasting any time, you can start selling an attractive product that is in high demand.

Selling tools like Niche Hunter are of great help to anyone who is researching Amazon product niches with high sales potential and just one of the many features found in the Jungle Scout suite of tools. Experienced sellers and novices alike can benefit from the use of this new Jungle Scout feature.

It prevents you from spending countless hours attempting to locate your ideal sales niche and a profitable product. It guides you in the right direction from the start.

Jungle Scout was founded in 2014 by Greg Mercer. Web marketers and product sellers consider this year as having produced a major milestone. They see it as the primary marker dividing the Dark Ages of Amazon research from the innovative Renaissance. You might picture Amazon as a real-life jungle with a hidden chest of jewels. In that setting, the multiple unique features of Niche Hunter would be like cunning native guides discovering the precious gems.

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