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Amazons Choice Badge

How to Get the Amazon Choice Badge for Your Products

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Amazon Choice Badge

As Amazon started to gain in popularity, a small dark blue badge appeared on the site. The badge originated in 2015 when Amazon began using the badge for streamlining Echo products. The current meaning has changed to Amazon’s Choice. The badge means this is Amazon’s recommendation for a well priced, highly rated product available for immediate shipping. You can see the details by placing your cursor over the badge.

How to get Amazons Choice Badge

The badge was created to place products searchable using voice together for a smoother process. Due to the massive number of products available on Amazon, far too much time would have been necessary to sort through all of the different items. This is also the only way Echo products can be purchased. Amazon’s Choice has expanded to be effective for searching for non-voice items as well.

This makes it easier to eliminate the confusion of the wide variety of choices available in any given category. The items recommended by Amazon are intended to provide the consumer with peace of mind regarding their purchase.

So now you know what the Amazon choice badge is, let’s dig into how to get the label.

How to Get an Amazon Choice Badge

Focusing on Keywords: Due to the origin of Amazon’s Choice, the badge was dependent on good keywords corresponding to keyword searches using specific words. The idea was to prevent products with different meanings but similar names from being confused. One product may be Amazon’s Choice, while the other will not. Researching the best keywords for the product may result in a badge.

Prime Eligibility: No product will receive an Amazon’s Choice badge if they are not eligible for Prime. Adding Prime is the best way to ensure the product is in stock, ready for shipment and will arrive within two days. This is the reason when a cursor is placed over the badge, part of the message states available for immediate shipment.

Improving Customer Ratings

If the customer rating is low, the product will not receive a badge until the ratings are improved. Amazon will not recommend any product for its buyers without a good seller rating because too much can go wrong. Amazon will not risk their reputation for any product they believe is questionable. If the product is a bestseller in their category with a low return rate, receiving a badge is possible.

What Does Amazons Choice Mean

All of Amazon’s Choice products have been purchased by numerous buyers. The reviews these customers have left told Amazon the consumers were satisfied with their purchase. These products are all available for immediate shipment, are priced well, have a high rating and are recommended by Amazon.

Is Amazon’s Choice Badge for Major Brands Only?

Amazon is trying to make all popular brands available for its shoppers. This can make it difficult for smaller businesses to become a part of Amazon’s Choice list. This is because the products most accessible to Prime users are the major brands. The less well-known products and brands are often left behind. The good news for small businesses is when a lot of sales have been generated, Amazon makes it easier for consumers to purchase the product.

Amazons Own Major Brands

When purchasing a product is simple, the product will be bought by more consumers. Amazon is hoping more and more people will use Alexa to place their orders. The idea is the person does not have to leave their home when they can shop at their convenience and have fast shipping available just by becoming a member of Amazon Prime.

How are Amazon Choice Badges Selected

Amazon RatingsSince Amazon does keep certain things secret, there is no way to know exactly how Amazon’s Choice badges are awarded. Their Choice list is private and not available to the general public. There is also no way to be certain how Echo products are being recommended or why one brand may be chosen over another. This being said, Amazon considers specific attributes when making a recommendation.

This includes:

  • Positive rating
  • High sales volume
  • Reasonable prices
  • Fast shipping

These four attributes are key to Amazon’s decision to issue a choice badge. There is a big difference between a best-seller badge and a choice badge. Not every best selling product will earn a choice badge. Amazon also considers a low rate of return and seller feedback when considering all of their products. None of these factors are as important as the four most essential factors listed above.

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There have been sellers who attempted to play dirty by cheating the system. Some of them submitted phony reviews regarding their competitors to make their products look better. Although Amazon considers feedback and reviews when looking for products and brands for Amazon’s Choice badge, this strategy is not effective and not recommended. Another important factor is shipping. Fast shipping is guaranteed to the customer by Amazon Prime. That means it is a crucial component for acquiring a badge.

Amazon Choice Badge Hacks for FBA sellers

Optimizing Product Titles: In addition to being important for product related searches, CTRs will be optimized. Once the product titles are optimized, more consumers will click on the listing as opposed to that of a competitor. This results in a higher ranking from Amazon. The recommendation from Amazon is including specific attributes in the title. This includes the description and brand, key ingredient or material, product line, quantity, size, and color.

Amazon Choice Badge Hacks

Using Precise Values: Prices ending with $0.99 have become very common. Consumers have become used to seeing this figure. This means the customers are aware this is not as good of a deal as an actual sale. This issue can be solved using simple experimentation. The seller should use different numbers for the cents portion of their products. When the seller has the ideal combination, their sales will most likely increase because the purchaser will believe they are receiving better value for their money.

Compelling Bullet Points and Product Descriptions: This will catch the attention of the user as they are looking through the different products available. The user must be convinced the product is better than any of its competition. This can be accomplished by using compelling descriptions and bullet points.

Different answers can be effectively combined to demonstrate the benefits and features of the product while getting past any potential objections. This is a good way of ensuring the listing stands out from all of the competition.

The Importance of Tools: Tools can be used to effectively manage feedback. When the seller has more feedback available, they can make any changes necessary to increase the overall sales of the products or services.

Vendor Coupons: Vendor powered coupons are an effective strategy for every seller. This will increase both traffic and exposure for the product.

  • Having a lower return rate than other sellers and offering alternatives
  • Having a high rate of conversion for the keywords most often searched for
  • Meeting the definition of well-priced set by Amazon
  • Having mostly four and five-star reviews
  • Having the product available for immediate shipping

Unfortunately, there is not any information available on how this badge is awarded because Amazon keeps it a secret. There is also no way to be certain how brands and products are recommended and chosen by Echo. What is known are the four most important attributes Amazon is looking for. These are positive ratings, high sales volume, reasonable prices, and fast shipping.

  1. Focusing on keywords
  2. Being eligible for Prime
  3. Offering competitive pricing
  4. Improving customer ratings
  5. Having good user reviews
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