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PPC Entourage Review

PPC Entourage Review – Can it Automate my Campaigns

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What is the best way to increase sales and profits when selling through Amazon?

This is a question that many Amazon retailers ask themselves, and there is no easy answer. All retailers are looking for a way to edge out competitors and improve their performance, but not every seller has the tools needed to boost sales and beat competition.

What’s the secret for Amazon sellers?

Analytics. In 2020, it’s easier than ever for an Amazon seller to benefit from tools and software that track customers and deliver valuable data. PPC Entourage is a popular example that’s used by sellers around the world.

What’s so special about PPC Entourage?

This tool helps retailers optimize and expand product campaigns to grow their businesses. PPC management software automates the steps you need for converting buyers and can be the bonus that enables you to get to the next level without having to graft endlessly.

With so many different options for PPC management software around, it can be difficult to know which software or tools to choose. How do you know which will offer you a better service? Or which will be the easiest to use?

Bottom line: The software your business needs will depend on what industry it is in, given the unique conditions of each industry.

Here, we’re going to break that all down for you so you can make your decision about which software to use. PPC Entourage says that being profitable with Amazon products is easy. In this PPC Entourage review, we will see how well it can live up to its claim and help you improve your Amazon sales and profits.

What is PPC Entourage?

PPC Entourage is a PPC (pay-per-click) management tool that helps you to manage your Amazon Sponsored Products Strategy. This software can help you to analyze data from sponsored ads, which you can then use to optimize ad campaigns.

PPC Entourage works as a complement to the campaigns that you have set up, localizing your retail projects into one account. While many believe that spending a ton of money on sponsored ads would just help boost your campaigns, PPC Entourage eliminates the need for an excessive marketing budget. This program allows you to tailor your campaigns much more precisely. The software gives you the data and the information from your campaigns so that you can customize your campaigns and cultivate a much more targeted strategy.

PPC Entourage won’t just help you target customers: it promises to save you a lot of time, too. PPC Entourage further helps by automating large parts of the campaigning process and running chunks of your campaign until you intervene again.

What Can I Expect When Using it?

Using PPC Entourage, you can expect a pretty straightforward experience. It is easy to use, well organized, and provides you with a wealth of information that is easy to understand and use. PPC Entourage will simplify everything about implementing a sponsored ads strategy, from its reporting metrics to managing ongoing campaigns.


  • Well organized dashboard — very easy to use
  • Automated functions
  • Excellent accompanying training and educational materials
  • Reduces time spent on campaigns
  • Saves money with more targeted ads
  • Good price


  • 1-year money-back guarantee only refunds your first month’s investment

PPC Entourage Features

When you purchase this program, you benefit from support and analytics tools. Here are the most significant features with PPC Entourage:

  • Health reporting, free fundamentals education course, and Blueprint Series
  • Campaign optimization
  • Campaign expansion
  • Listing improvement
PPC Entourage features

Reporting and Education

PPC Entourage’s dashboard is color-coded and arranged nicely to make it easy to understand the metrics and data it reports back each week. Its interface is easy to understand if you have never used the software before. The software displays all the metrics relevant to your campaigns, such as:

  • Regular health reports
  • Breakdown of your keyword success
  • ACoS
  • Profit based on a range of different factors

This reporting also compares PPC and organic traffic, to give you a better idea of where you generate your sales and which keywords you should instead target organically.

This tool also provides a free fundamentals course and Blueprint Series:

The course promises you access to 9 strategies that most successful Amazon sellers use, while the Blueprint Series teaches users how to scale their Amazon business quickly. This helps you to understand the software and teaches you how to make the best use of it in your campaigns.
After an instructional video introducing the software, the course contains tutorials on ad management and how to apply the metrics to your own campaigns.
The Blueprint series advises users on strategies for profitable campaigns. This includes instructions on how to research search terms and keywords and how to set up campaigns.

Campaign Optimization

This feature helps you reduce your ad spend and how you want to optimize your campaigns if you wish to optimize them independently or all in one go. This section focuses on eliminating waste and optimizing your existing ads and campaigns.

The dashboard will give you a range of information and insights on the keywords you’re using and the money you are spending on each one. With this information, you can better judge where to spend your money and where you don’t need to spend money. The dashboard displays data on:

  • The impressions
  • Rank change
  • Spend on each keyword

Also, the software’s automation will save you a lot of time. It optimizes for negative keywords and can make other adjustments without regular input from you. This is a convenient way that PPC Entourage saves time in Amazon sponsored ad campaigns.

Campaign Expansion

Once you have optimized your existing campaigns, you are well placed to move on and expand. This is what the Campaign Extension feature is about — growing. This tab helps those who wish to create more targeted campaigns and advertising but are short on time with automation involved.

PPC Entourage identifies new keywords and analyzes their performance to improve your pre-existing targeting. You will be exposed for the first time to search terms that are working well so that you can now bid on them as keywords. The software analyzes search terms that are performing well and excludes the ones you found through your research.

Part of this feature is its ability to compare match types to test which is most useful for each keyword. It tests which are over and underperforming and improves on those that should be the center of your sponsored ad strategy. You can use this when managing a full campaign and allow PPC Entourage to automate this fully, finding new keywords, bidding on them and optimizing them. This saves you a lot of time by essentially automating your strategy until you want to intervene.

Listing Improvement

This section gives key information about your listings so that you can enhance your conversion rate. It is all about boosting your listings to help your ads convert more easily.

Listing Improvement has a range of different features to help you do this. This tab lists all of your product keywords, and by selecting keywords that you’re tacking organically, you can see what effect your ad spend has on your organic ranking and your visibility within Amazon.

You can:

  • Backend search terms you should be using
  • Track keywords
  • A/B test to asses how different listing will impact your PPC campaigns

What’s The Pricing?

PPC Entourage offers four different subscription packages, staggered by the number of SKUs that you manage:

  • For 1-5 SKUs, it costs $47 a month
  • For up to 21 SKUs it costs $97
  • $147 for up to 52
  • $247 a month for more than 52
PPC Entourage pricing

Other than the SKUs and the price, everything else is the same. Essentially, PPC Entourage scales the price levels based on the size of the retailer. All sellers get PPC Entourage’s features for their money, regardless of size. However, you can only use this tool in one country.

Membership Perks:

  • If you set up any additional accounts, you get a 50% discount for each additional US account that you add.
  • There’s a 14-day free trial for you to try out the software and work out if it suits your business.
  • PPC Entourage also has a 1-Year money-back guarantee. The company commits to refund your first month’s investment if you are not completely happy with the software.

Is PPC Entourage Worth it?

PPC Entourage strives to solve a long-running issue that has held back Amazon retailers. As the company’s founder Mike Zagare has mentioned, implementing and tending to a sponsored ad strategy can take as much as ten hours a week (on top of all your other tasks as a retailer).

Considering this, PPC Entourage is very much worth it, reducing the time this task takes down 1-2 hours a week. It makes research and targeting much easier and automates a lot of campaign management so that you can trust the software to run it for you.

As well as helping to make you money through your ad strategy, PPC Entourage’s important contribution is to reduce your ad spending and ineffective elements of your strategy:

  • Its broad spectrum of metrics gives you a very clear idea of what is performing well and what is underperforming.
  • You can then target your money at the high-performing areas and stop wasting money on keywords that aren’t generating conversions for you.

This is an extremely important development, overturning the long-held idea that you just needed to spend a lot on sponsored ads to optimize your campaigns.

PPC Entourage’s 14-day free trial and 1-year money-back guarantee are great reasons to sign up. Two weeks should be more than enough time to work out if this software is for you, yet the company is confident and amenable enough to offer a range of options to protect your interests. Created by an Amazon seller for Amazon sellers, the company understands its customers’ needs and concerns. You’ll have full support if you decide to go through with your purchase.

Final Thoughts

While creating our PPC Entourage review, we determined that this is a great tool for Amazon sellers. It sticks to the key principles for success as an Amazon retailer while bringing time- and money-saving efficiencies. It may not guarantee success, but it gives you the best chance to improve your profits and grow your business.

It is also a great tool for beginner sellers on Amazon . It is easy to use and provides training while creating new tools and a strategy for how best to use their tools. PPC Entourage is also much more affordable than other similar services and is at least just as effective as other software.

Unless you already use an all-in-one software, PPC Entourage is a must-have. Check out this tool for yourself today to see if it works for you!

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