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Scope Seller Labs Review – Amazon Keyword Finder

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If you sell products on Amazon, what is the hardest and most important thing to accomplish?

Getting noticed.

To be able to sell your products online, people first have to find them. As the world’s largest online retailer, there is no shortage of competition with other online merchants on Amazon.

Every online merchant knows the importance of keywords and search rankings. It’s how you get your products noticed in an Amazon search. As your products get noticed more, your sales will naturally start to go up as well. But with so many keyword combinations and complicated SEO algorithms out there, it might seem impossible for an online merchant to figure out how best to grow their sales.

That’s where Scope comes in. As a research tool, Scope finds profitable keywords and helps online merchants discover the best products for them to sell on Amazon.

In our Scope Seller Labs review, we will lay out what this tool is and how it works. Read our Scope review below to discover how you can get the most out of your online retail business.

What Is Scope?

Scope is an SEO keyword and product research tool specifically designed for online merchants that use Amazon. Its main function is to help sellers find keywords based on sales data on Amazon. It shows you what keywords you and your competitors are using.

Scope Review

Scope breaks down this data to show what sales strategies work best for a given product. In addition, it also lays out all possible product keywords and shows which ones are the highest-ranked for a specific product.

From all of this data, you can create personal lists of keyword combos for different products and save them for future reference. Historical data is also given for each keyword, so you can look into how they performed in the past. In this way, Scope allows you to learn from past mistakes while also preparing for the future.

Scope is a part of the suite of tools offered in Seller Labs Pro. There are monthly and annual plans that are priced according to your annual sales on Amazon. There is also a free 30-day trial to get you started.

What Can I Expect When Using Scope?

Scope users can expect to build their brand on Amazon by getting the most out of the keywords related to their products. You will not only be able to analyze your own keywords, but also those of your competitors.

Through easy to understand analytics, Scope users will be able to discover profitable, high traffic keywords. These can be used to manage product listings and to find ways to get your products to the top of search rankings. This will help reduce the time spent on managing your businesses’ online presence so that you can focus on the other aspects of running your business.

With Scope, you can expect to work smarter, not harder when it comes to building your brand.


  • Easy to use interface
  • Insight into your own company and your competitors
  • Available as a standalone product
  • Different plans to fit your budget
  • Free 30-day trial

Easy to use interface

Many Amazon keyword analytics tools are difficult to use. Too often, their interfaces are overly complex, making it hard to get anything useful out of the data.

Scope has a user-friendly interface that provides data in an easy to understand format. That means you won’t waste too much time trying to crunch the numbers. This enables users to take what they need from the data and apply it to their company in a way that benefits them most.

Insight into your own company and your competitors

With the reverse ASIN lookup feature, Scope provides insight into not only your own sales figures and keywords, but also those of your competitors. This gives you more clarity when developing the best business strategy for your company.

You will not only know how to best serve yourself but also how to beat out the competition.

Scope is available as a standalone product

As mentioned above, Scope is a part of the Seller Labs Pro suite of software programs. Each program offers a different service to provide a one-stop solution for Amazon sellers looking to grow their business. But if your company doesn’t want every service offered in Seller Labs Pro, or simply cannot afford the entire package, they also offer each service individually.

This flexibility helps meet the needs of every online merchant, no matter how big or small.

Different plans to fit your budget

Scope is a valuable software for businesses of all sizes, and Seller Labs knows this. It also understands that not every company is the same and offers Scope on a tiered system. This is based on your annual sales on Amazon.

You can also purchase plans annually or on a pay as you go monthly basis. No matter if you are just starting out or if you are a well-established company, Scope has a plan that’s right for you.

Free 30-day trial

Another great offering from Seller Labs is a free 30 day trial of all of its Seller Labs Pro services, including Scope. This provides a risk-free opportunity to see if Scope’s services are right for you.

It’s generally a good sign if a company is willing to offer its services free of charge in a trial. See for yourself by signing up for a free trial today.


  • Only available for Amazon
  • Only available in the US marketplace

Only available in the US marketplace

Scope is currently supported only in the US marketplace. However, other services offered by Seller Labs are already supported in other North American and European marketplaces. So it is hopeful that Scope will soon follow in this path.

Only available for Amazon

If you sell your products on multiple platforms outside of Amazon, you will have to find alternative programs for keyword analysis and product searches.

Features of Scope

  • Scope comes with a number of features that can help give you a competitive edge in the crowded marketplace of online merchants on Amazon. These include:
  • Reverse ASIN lookup
  • Keyword research and product tracking
  • Google Chrome extension

Reverse ASIN lookup

Reverse ASIN lookup is a must-have feature for SEO keyword and product research tools, and Scope’s reverse ASIN lookup feature does not disappoint.

ASIN, which stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number, is a unique code given to each product on Amazon. By performing a reverse ASIN lookup, you can look at important numbers that drive your competitors’ sales on Amazon. These include pay-per-click (PPC) keywords and other important data.

With this information, you can learn where you and your competitors rank on Amazon. You will come up with an action plan to get your product to the top of the list on search results.

Keyword research and product tracking

Scope’s unique functionality allows users to track prices for various products from categories and niches. It also gives insights into rankings, sales, and product review checker. You can use all of this information to increase your company’s online presence and boost sales.

Google Chrome extension

Scope is available in a convenient extension on Google Chrome web browsers. This makes it easier than ever to use all the features and functions of Scope while researching keyword data on your products and those of your competitors.

What’s the Price of Scope?

There are different prices for Scope, depending on which version you choose. Here are the essential differences:

  • The lower-priced version limits you to fewer keywords that you can analyze and track data for.
  • The higher-priced version allows you to track data for more keywords but comes at a higher price.

Each version also comes on an annual or monthly basis. The yearly subscription is offered at a discount compared to the pay as you go monthly plan.

If you bundle Scope with the other Seller Labs Pro programs, your price will change. However, this price depends on your annual Amazon sales.

In short, the price of Scope varies depending on what version you get, what size your company is, and whether you get an annual or monthly subscription.

Visit the Seller Labs website today to get more information on specific pricing.

Is Scope Worth It?

If you’re still wondering if Scope is worth it for your company, consider the competition. In today’s world, the vast majority of online merchants rely on Amazon for most of their sales. To succeed with Amazon is to rely on search results and keywords. Your competition is getting smarter every day through the use of analytical tools, and so should you.

If you try to solve the riddle of what keywords are the most profitable without the use of analytical tools like Scope, you can end up taking away valuable time and energy that you should spend on the other aspects of running your business.

Scope Seller Labs Pricing

Having software like Scope to analyze the data prevents you from having a lack of focus and overall strategy in your business operations. In that way, even if you are an experienced online seller with quality products, a tool like Scope is essential for taking your business to the next level.

Successful online merchants generally have the correct intuition and instinct when it comes to knowing which products will sell. But not always. It is impossible to get in the mind of every online shopper. So, an analytic tool like Scope is worth the cost for the insights it provides.

Through Scope, you will have the knowledge to get the most out of your products and get ahead of the competition.

Final Thoughts

Amazon doesn’t share its data with anybody. But with a powerful tool like Scope, you will be better positioned than others to identify which keywords will successfully grow your online presence.

If you are going in the wrong direction, Scope will steer you on to the right path. Perhaps even more importantly, if you are already going in the right direction, Scope can reinforce this and continue to strengthen your brand and online presence even more.

Whether it’s day 1 for your small business, or you are an 8-figure company looking to expand your growth and get more out of your keywords, Scope has something to offer for everyone.

Now that you’ve read our Scope Seller Labs review, check out Scope and the other services offered in Seller Labs Pro today.

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The InfiniteFBA team is made up of proud Amazon FBA geeks and e-commerce experts obsessed with finding new ways to boost sales. We’ve done the homework so you don’t have to. Our team of successful sellers provides genuine, accurate and up-to-date reviews of Amazon Seller tools and services.

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Infinite FBA

The InfiniteFBA team is made up of proud Amazon FBA geeks and e-commerce experts obsessed with finding new ways to boost sales. We’ve done the homework so you don’t have to. Our team of successful sellers provides genuine, accurate and up-to-date reviews of Amazon Seller tools and services.

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