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ManageByStats Review

ManageByStats Review – Upgrade Your Seller Central Dashboard

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The ability to make fast decisions based purely on facts and data is one coveted in the business community. This makes or breaks a company and separates that great brands from their competition. This applies to all businesses, from Mom and Pop shops to eCommerce stores and Amazon sellers.

If you sell goods on Amazon, you can’t risk losing customers just because you don’t have the customer data to make the right decisions. You’re going to need to learn how your customers behave so you can appeal to them most with your Amazon private label products.

If you are ready to take your Amazon selling business to the next level by using only the highest quality of data, there is no better tool available than ManageByStats. By helping you understand the market and communicate more effectively to past and future customers, the ManageByStats tool kit will open doors for any small business that wants to expand confidently.

This ManageByStats review will dive into the features that this application provides, how these tools can help all types of Amazon sellers, as well as the reasons it may be one of the most useful resources a seller could add to their service.

What Is ManageByStats?

ManageByStats is a suite of tools developed by Amazon sellers for Amazon sellers. The kit includes 25 unique tools, each providing an Amazon seller with the power to manipulate the market. As a result, they will increase sales and promote their own business.

Manage by stats Review Amazon

With over 5,000 active users, this suite of tools manages millions of transactions and records extensive data on each. The real power of ManageByStats is the data-driven outlook the tools give a seller.

Developed by Philip Jepsen, an Amazon seller himself, the tools created and used in ManageByStats were made to keep information combined and useful to a user. From there, Jepsen created a team to create a comprehensive suite of tools that manage any Amazon business and give the power back to the seller.

This is why the application itself feels intuitive to most business-savvy professionals; its creators are just like its targeted user base.

What Can Amazon Sellers Expect When Using ManageByStats?

The first expectation when you get ManageByStats will be quality. The tools are easy to use and provide information in such a way that it removes confusion.

Although the tool kit is an amazing addition for Amazon sellers, it is not without fault. There are a few things to expect when using ManageByStats, both good and bad. Without looking at each feature, these are the important expectations to keep in mind when using the tool kit:


  • Multiple features with insight into sales
  • Customization for multiple features
  • Easy setup or cancellation process
  • Security for data and information
  • Resources to understand and learn how to use the tools


  • Fees for more than two seller accounts
  • Requires developer access to Amazon account
  • Requires user permission to Amazon sellers account

Features of ManageByStats Software Tool

The ability to come to conclusions about an Amazon business and what will hurt or help it, all with the confidence of having data to back up any decision, is critical in profitable expansion. When using ManageByStats, this confidence comes in a few essential forms, each with a different purpose.

The following significant forms of analysis help sellers in a unique way:

  • Profit Dashboard
  • Visualizer
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Transaction Reports
  • Product Sales Performance Graphs
  • FBA Calculator

Profit Dashboard

The Profit Dashboard is the hub for all the analysis and information that will be important for any seller. It encapsulates multiple tools and displays information in such a way that it is not only easy to understand but also provides you with a complete overview of the Amazon business.

While it may seem overwhelming at first, the most important part of the dashboard is that the customization of what you see is under your complete control. If sales are more important than the need to resupply, then you can prioritize what you find to be the most crucial information with a few clicks.

ManageByStats Profits Sales Graph Dashboard

Additionally, the ManageByStats dashboard uses the implementation of widgets to provide even more information and customization to each dashboard. While a widget may not be an essential tool in an Amazon business, the ability to add smaller dashboard-like information blocks to your screen can change how you think and the information you get every day.

These widgets can be anything from small reminders to whole graphs of information based around payouts.


The visualizer tool is one of the most powerful features you receive when working with ManageByStats. The ability to graphically display multiple layers or types of data could not be more important for an industry that revolves around selling through Amazon.

While you may find that the most important information you want to display is simply the net revenue you receive over time, the visualizer tool does not stop at the baseline for information.

ManageByStats Pro Dash

There are ten popular stats that the tool graphs, and many more that may not seem intuitive at first. The most useful for beginners will be ad cost, profit, and sales revenue. However, if you are a more experienced seller, you may be interested in using the visualizer to graph click-through rates, conversion rates, or even cost per click.

No matter the level of experience you have as a seller, this tool will help you understand large amounts of data with ease.

Transaction Reports

Transaction reports are a collection of important information and data that gives insight into a single transaction or sale. While that may seem like a tool that could be replaced by simply reading through past sales, the transaction reports ManageByStats provides its users are complete with information that may not have been relevant to the transaction.

This means you will not lose a single piece of information when attempting to understand sales and how different people react to your Amazon business.

ManageByStats Amazon Payouts

You can also annotate the reports and make a note of any important information you find. This makes it easier to track successful strategies and patterns along the way.

FBA Calculator for You Amazon Business

The most specific feature provided by the software package is the FBA Calculator. When selling through Amazon, many fees come with each sale. However, this depends on if a sale if fulfilled by Amazon or a merchant.

These fees may seem unimportant for beginners, but every penny counts when running a sales business. With this calculator, a seller will be able to visualize twelve separate statistics and sort them all in at least nine different fashions.

This is important if you are looking to find more information on orders, refunds, or just total transactions. The tool removes all guessing from the process and allows you to play with different variables until you find the perfect ratio of cost, profit, and revenue.

What’s the Price of ManageByStats?

Although we’ve discussed the entire product as a whole in this ManagedByStats review, there are multiple levels that you can purchase.

Each price level provides different tools to its user. While a Starter plan will provide a seller with data analytics tools and the ability to optimize their business, the Professional level plan will include every functionality discussed in this review and many more that will help a small or larger seller.

Each plan works on a monthly subscription service and can be upgraded or changed throughout usage. The Starter plan costs $19.97/month, while the Professional plan costs $59.97/month.

Additionally, an Enterprise plan option is available. By contacting the developers of ManageByStats, you can create a costume plan for a fair price.

ManageByStats Pricing

It is also important to know that the cancellation of any service can happen quickly and without an additional fee. Check out our latest ManageByStats coupon code for the latest discounts.

Is ManageByStats Worth It?

In this ManageByStats review, there are a few key factors discussed that separate the software suite from others and deem it a worthy addition to any seller’s tool kit.

Although the features are unique and many features make this tool one of the most important for both starting and already established Amazon sellers, the real reason ManageByStats is worth it is because of all the smaller details that make it so versatile.

When you combine all the possible features with the low monthly subscription fee, there is little reason why ManageByStats would not be a good purchase for any serious Amazon seller.

Final Thoughts

This product like Shopkeeper is not only useful for Amazon sellers that are just beginning but also for anyone interested in taking their business to a higher level. With a large array of different tools and functions, combined with the attention to detail from its developers, ManageByStats is incredible value and a top performer.

Considering the multiple tiers of services that are available and the number of businesses using this service today, you can buy in confidence knowing that you’ll have access to all the important stats you need to improve your customer acquisition rate.

While you can’t make money just because of a software, the ManageByStats application gives you the capabilities to develop a seller’s mindset. From there, the choices are your own on how to improve the business and growth opportunities.

We hope this Manage By Stats review helped you make a decision about this Amazon data management tool. Start the process by checking out ManageByStats today!

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