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RevSeller Review – Is It The Most Useful Tool For Amazon Sellers?

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What is RevSeller

One of the most popular Chrome extensions for Amazon merchants is RevSeller. The extension decreases the research necessary for merchants by showing profitability, category and sales rank on every product page right at the top. The merchant is then able to make an educated and fast decision regarding purchases. RevSeller enables Amazon merchants to calculate ROI, margin and FBA fees including detailed variations. Conducting research for third-party products through Amazon is simplified.

The merchant can determine offers, variations, and prices for numerous products including clothing and shoes. RevSeller shows if the product is sold out or in stock and any price gaps. To begin using the extension, the merchant begins by creating a RevSeller account. The MWS configuration can then be completed. Once the extension has been added, the merchant is ready to begin using RevSeller. It is important to note the following applies to all Amazon merchants using RevSeller.

RevSeller Review

  • RevSeller can only be used with Google Chrome
  • Only professional sellers can use RevSeller
  • RevSeller will work for laptops and computers, not tablets or smartphones
  • The subscription is annual only, with no monthly option available
  • RevSeller can be canceled at any time.
  • If the merchant has a virtual assistance, a second copy can be installed.
RevSeller Review

All the merchant needs to do to view an Amazon listing is place their mouse over the listing of interest. An information box is then generated containing a nice selection of seller information. The merchant can quickly view the pricing history of the item, how many listings there are for the specific product, the average sales price, similar listings and how many items have been sold. The merchant can then find a profitable product to sell with a low competitiveness rate much easier to decrease risk.

RevSeller was created to help Amazon merchants make educated decisions regarding products faster. All of the information the merchant needs is displayed clearly on the page. To provide the best possible accuracy, RevSeller uses information obtained from Amazon for data and fee estimations. In some cases, there is not enough data available. In this instance, the merchant can go to Amazon’s Manage Inventory Page to check the data with the calculator provided to make an educated product decision.

RevSeller can be used for multiple computers provided the merchant is using the same seller account. The merchant uses a second device to go to RevSeller, then enters the login information. The next step is visiting the My Account page and clicking on Download Extension. The fees for most of the products are estimated accurately by RevSeller. When Amazon API does not provide enough information, the accuracy may be limited.

RevSeller takes every step possible to provide the most accurate estimates for merchants. The product is just as useful for a new Amazon merchant as it is for an experienced veteran. Beginners enjoy being able to view results through the automatic pop up displaying the net proceeds. The numbers can be instantly adjusted to enable newer merchants to learn much faster. The tool also saves experienced Amazon sellers a lot of time, making RevSeller an extremely useful program.

RevSeller Features

The RevSeller review is good due to the effective and powerful features provided. The product is extremely convenient for Amazon merchants. The available features include:

RevSeller Features

ROI calculator: The calculator operates in real-time. The merchant can easily calculate both profit margins and ROI. Data regarding returned income can be determined with a few simple steps. The purchase cost and selling price can be entered for FBA and MFN. The merchant can determine if there is any potential profit for investing in a specific item. The percentage and dollar equivalents are easily viewed. The integration of the ROI calculator is incredibly effective and convenient.

The calculator has actually been integrated right inside of the listing. The need to search through numerous sites and pages has been eliminated. The merchant can simply access the evaluations of the highest interest. The ROI calculator will save the merchant valuable time and a lot of work. It is important to note if the merchant is searching for shoes, only one shoe variation will be displayed. The merchant can use the Variation Viewer to see the colors, sizes and selling prices.

Once the merchant has clicked on the button to access the viewer, all shoes out of stock can be determined in addition to the highest and lowest selling prices. All of the columns displayed can be effectively sorted by simply clicking a mouse. The shoes can then be sorted by price or color. From there, the merchant can make a comparison among the sizes currently available. In some instances, one variation may be listed at a significantly lower price.

In this instance, the merchant will need to conduct some research to determine if the reason is due to the color or size, or if the price is incorrect. The merchant has the option of selecting a different color or only offering the shoe is specific sizes. The Variation Viewer is also an exceptionally handy tool for numerous products other than shoes. The merchant can access categories from clothing to dinnerware. If the company is having a sale, the merchant can use the Variation Viewer to see the details.

A good example is a merchant researching shoe variations. The company may be running a sale on jackets and t-shirts. By using the Variation Viewer, the merchant can determine the sales prices, sizes and colors available. The number of Amazon sellers offering the merchandise can also be determined. If the merchant is not interested in selling shoes or clothing, a search can be conducted for any item offering color or size variations such as frying pans, watches and travel mugs.

90-day Average for Percentage Rank and Sales: The majority of Amazon merchants will not make a purchase based entirely on sales rank, regardless of the popularity of the specific brand. Prior to making an Amazon purchase, the merchant can run a check on the brand. The RevSeller review is excellent because all of the ranking information is clearly provided. The merchant can then make an educated decision as to whether or not to purchase the product.

Detailed Feedback: RevSeller provides feedback regarding all of the variations available through Amazon. The feature eliminates the risk of making an investment in the product. Some of the products have a tremendous number of variations. This makes it nearly impossible for the merchant to correctly determine how many items are being sold on Amazon in a specific category.

The variations helper provided by RevSeller provides accurate numbers regarding how many of each variation is currently being sold. When the merchant is calculating how many reviews were received for the product variation, the variations helper can be used.

The RevSeller Affiliate Program: The merchant must be aware both Amazon and RevSeller are offering affiliate programs. The programs are completely different because Amazon and RevSeller are separate companies. Amazon offers one of the most successful and oldest affiliate programs available. When a product is promoted, a 10 percent referral fee is offered by Amazon provided the product is purchased through the affiliate link. RevSeller is completely different.

The commission provided by RevSeller is not based on a percentage of the sale. Understanding exactly how the affiliate program works is critical for success. When a merchant refers someone to RevSeller, the merchant can make a commission of $30. The new merchant must purchase a membership to RevSeller through the appropriate link. Due to the high-quality and benefits offered by RevSeller, the merchant can earn a decent amount of money.

RevSeller Pricing

The RevSeller review is also good for the flexible pricing model. The company is offering merchants a 30-day free trial. No initial payment by the merchant is required. The trial enables the merchant to decide if RevSeller is a good program for their needs. Only an annual subscription is available with no monthly option. Extras are included in the yearly fee of $99.99 per year including product updates and support. The merchant can cancel at any time with no cancellation fee.

RevSeller Pricing

RevSeller Alternatives

The two main alternatives to RevSeller are Jungle Scout and IO Scout for Amazon. Both programs are detailed below.

Jungle Scout:

Jungle Scout makes it easier for merchants to browse Amazon. Clicking a mouse provides information regarding search results, the product page or the page currently being browsed. The product offers real-time profit projections, competitive data and sales estimates. The merchant can use comprehensive sales data to determine if a product is worth selling. The data analysis engine effectively eliminates any guesswork by providing data for historical pricing and monthly sales estimates.

Product ideas can be validated or eliminated quickly through the use of the Opportunity Score. The score determines the potential of the product through a combination of quality data listings, competition and demand. Customer reviews can be automated easily by using the extension available through Jungle Scout. Individual requests can be sent by FBA merchants with one click through Seller Central to all eligible customers.

IO Scout for Amazon

IO Scout makes launching an extremely profitable campaign both possible and easy. The merchant can efficiently scan the market to determine the products offering the best potential profit. The merchant can use IO Scout as either a Chrome extension or a web app. By choosing the Chrome extension, the merchant eliminates the need to switch between different tools and pages. The market can be monitored directly through Amazon.

IO Scout provides the merchant with access to a tremendous variety of items. The tool provided enables an effective search process. Millions of items represented on Amazon can be viewed using the program. The merchant simply selects the desired category to be provided with the required report within a few seconds. Research can be conducted on Amazon products to learn what competitors are doing. The most popular items among the buyers are shown.

Search filters can be set by the merchant including stock information, testimonials, price, sales and sellers. The merchant can analyze niches, make cost comparisons and choose the most popular products available on Amazon. The tool ensures the merchant remains current with the latest trends. The merchant has a much better chance of creating a successful business because they can access the background data of the products. Information is also generated for prediction changes within the niche.


Numerous Amazon merchants consider RevSeller the best tool because they are able to save both money and time evaluating products and product variations. All of the items required are shown within the listing. The need to click through numerous sites and pages for variation evaluation is no longer necessary. RevSeller also provides merchants with updates on a regular basis. RevSeller is one of the most useful and depended on tools for Amazon merchants.

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