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CashCowPro Review – The Best All in One Amazon Software?

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What is CashCowPro?

One of the best solutions for the management of FBA selling operations is CashCowPro. The tool offers a good selection of different features for nearly any possible situation such as a keyword tracker, available units, the number of reviews, auto-replies, screen estimations showing goods in real-time, the average price and projected revenues. The tool offers numerous benefits for sellers to establish and maintain a profitable business on Amazon. CashCowPro offers a free trial to enable merchants to experience the benefits prior to making a purchase.

How do you use CashCowPro?

The key to making a profit is using the provided features correctly. The toolbox contains everything the merchant will need to make a profit from their investments. The most important features for this CashCowPro review are defined below.

Sales Data: The merchant can estimate their profits through the use of data displayed by the tool in real-time. The financial statistics are displayed in a simple and easy to understand format. The way the sales data feature works is very similar to a lot of the FBA tools currently available. CashCowPro enables merchants to review data in numerous different ways including:

• How many units have been ordered
• The average product price
• Product sales
• Each operation general net profit
• A complete order total
• The profitability generated for the orders placed

Product Images: The majority of buyers are searching for a way to build consumer trust, increase their customer conversion rate and help potential buyers get past any initial objections or concerns. The tool is based on the fact shopping in a physical location is extremely different than shopping on Amazon. The consumer is unable to physically pick up and examine a product prior to making a decision.

When a customer is unable to make physical contact with a product, the merchant must offer other ways to encourage the shopper to make a purchase. One of the most powerful methods is the use of product images. When a consumer can see a clear picture of the product, the chances of their making a purchase increase. CashCowPro helps merchants provide crisp, clear images for potential customers to increase conversions.

Keyword Tracking: Every merchant experienced with FBA understands the importance of the process of tracking keywords. CashCowPro provides a good tool to offer consumers help finding the products they desire. Due to the flexibility and complexity of modern searches, consumers can become lost easily. The tool provides potential customers with the keywords required for an appropriate Amazon search.

Chrome Extension: Chrome has become one of the most frequently used browsers. The Chrome extension offers estimates for sales, reviews and BSR (best seller rank). Sellers use Amazon chrome extensions to better understand which products are selling the best and those that are out of range. Newer merchants will find this tool exceptionally useful while becoming established. The merchant will be able to determine if the market is profitable simply by interpreting the results provided. The tool is also useful to advanced merchants for maintaining their success.

Keywords Per Product: CashCow Pro enables the merchant to use 100 different keywords per product. All the merchant needs to do is observe the performance of the keywords to determine which ones offer the best ranking and competitive edge. The number of keywords available allows the merchant to see the overall picture of their product’s performance.

Automated Feedback: The tracking and reputation of each merchant will determine if they are successful on Amazon. As the number of sales increases, the number of reviews will substantially increase. Responding to each review individually would require a great deal of time. CashCowPro enables merchants to set responses automatically through an automatic feedback collection. Not only is the merchantable to respond, but they can also track their reviews.

Product and Niche Expansion: Almost all merchants will eventually decide to expand the niches suitable for their products. CashCowPro enables better research by making the 20 top sellers available. The merchant can determine which best selling products are available for their specific niche without the necessity of performing seemingly endless research.

Filtering Tools: CashCowPro displays the product best suited to the specific criteria of the merchant to efficiently narrow down all of the available options. A good example would be an electronics merchant focusing on electronic games in their category which sell in excess of $5,000 per month.

Monitoring Inventory: A merchant must ensure all products being sold on Amazon are available. The merchant can see the financial performance of the products in comparison to how many still are available in their inventory. CashCowPro can ensure any item becoming out of stock is an extremely rare occurrence.

Conversion Percentages: The CashCowPro metrics tool provides the merchant with a percentage for what is driving consumers. Data is then provided for all of the merchant’s user sessions through percentages.

ROI Analysis: Similar to the PPC software Zon.Tools CashCowPro provides a tool for analyzing ROI (return on investment). The merchant can then determine which products are profitable and which ones are not to help decide the products worth selling. All unprofitable products can simply be discarded. The merchant begins by entering information regarding production, sales, PPC spend and shipping to completely understand how much they can expect to earn off each individual product.

The merchant has a much better chance of becoming successful by focusing on profits as opposed to cash flow. There are numerous products capable of earning the merchant a good ROI that require a longer period of time to sell. The merchant will be able to determine if they have enough money to wait until the product sells or if they need to concentrate on different products for the time being. The tool will estimate the date the merchant can expect to break even, when a profit can be expected and when the time is right to distribute their funds or make an investment in new products.

The predictions are fairly basic due to the lack of a growth rate, but the tool is worthwhile for making comparisons between the different markets available in the merchant’s current niche.

AB Split Testing Tool: The merchant can formulate a good price strategy for the next product sold on Amazon. The merchant can determine the correct pricing for different products to remain ahead of their competition. A solid volume is necessary to make a large enough revenue for any merchant to succeed on Amazon.

CashCowPro Pricing

CashCowPro Pricing

The merchant can pay for CashCowPro either monthly or annually. The monthly price is $49.97. The yearly cost is $497. The analytics of CashCowPro alone are worth the price. The operational side will enable the merchant to save money by replacing several other tools. Overall, the price is very reasonable.

CashCowPro Alternatives

Jungle Scout: Jungle Scout is a research tool for Amazon. The merchant can locate top products, research keywords, estimate sales and spy on their competitors from the same dashboard. The tool reveals the products with the highest potential profit. Helium 10 is another great alternative, check out our review here.

Sellerlabs: The software provides Amazon merchants with the best possible solutions regarding products available for sale. The merchant can maintain its online presence while saving valuable time. The software offers a lot of different tools to ensure selling on Amazon is easier and more profitable.

Sellics: Sellics includes just about everything a merchant requires to be successful on Amazon. Each package contains between three and five analytics tools. Sellics offers merchants numerous benefits including ranking optimization, Managing reviews, monitoring the merchant’s top competitors, tracking a variety of performance metrics and a lot more. Sellics was founded in Germany in 2014 as a commercial analytics business. You can also use HelloProfit to find out how well your Amazon FBA business is doing.

Originally, Sellics was just a tracker for keyword rankings. Numerous features have been added as time passed to make Sellics a good option for Amazon merchants. Two different software platforms are being offered. The first is the Seller Edition for merchants. The second is the Vendor Edition for vendors. The Seller Edition was created for merchants with Amazon accounts.

CashCowPro Review

CashCowPro Review

The CashCowPro application provides merchants with numerous important features such as a profit dashboard, product research, and A/B testing. The application is also excellent for FBA. The tool will save merchants a lot of valuable time and expenses by providing the data and information required to run a successful business on Amazon. The most exceptional benefit of CashCowPro is the overview the merchant receives regarding the profitability of their business according to net profit figures.

The merchant does not have to guess if their business is making a profit because all of the numbers are shown within the application. CashCowPro is an excellent tool to help merchants crunch numbers and work with virtually every type of data to determine if their current strategies are successful. The pricing for the application is fair, enabling merchants to try the entire system for one month prior to making a commitment for an entire year.

CashCowPro is an excellent suite for FBA management with a nice variety of different and extremely useful features. According to this CashCowPro review, the application is definitely worth a try.

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