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Teikametrics Review

Teikametrics Review — A High-Performance Manager for Amazon Sellers

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Those who are serious about selling on Amazon need to run impactful advertising campaigns. This promotes products while also boosting brand awareness. The right advertising is essential to standing out from the crowd. But without extensive advertising experience, where do you start?

Teikametrics is a powerful software that will manage every advertising project you launch. With its informative FBA dashboards, user-friendly interface, and automation, it’s an easy-to-use but powerful tool.

So If you’re ready to see what this software can do for you and if it’s right for your Amazon sellers business, this Teikametrics review has everything you need to know. In this Teikametrics review, we’ll cover pricing, Amazon advertising tools, and its profitability potential.

What Is Teikametrics?

Teikametrics is an Amazon management software that helps sellers with advertising. It includes a variety of features including a PPC (pay-per-click)/sponsored products optimizer and automatic keyword action. This makes Amazon advertising campaigns easy.

There are many things to love about Teikametrics from the robust tool selection available to its automated managed services. But that doesn’t mean that it’s right for every online seller.

It is possibly the most powerful Amazon ad software on the market. This tool isn’t for casual sellers or for someone who is just dabbling in being a seller.

Teikametrics gives you serious, data on your projects and at a serious price. But if you are ready to accomplish an advertising campaign with optimization and great profitability, Teikametrics could be right for you.

Teikametrics Review

Teikametrics Features

What truly separates this platform from its competitors is its seemingly limitless features combined with excellent accuracy and extensive data. It is without a doubt one of the best PPC software for Amazon FBA.

Let’s take a look at some of the specific features that the software offers to online sellers.

Teikametrics Sponsored Products/Amazon PPC Management

With a Teikametrics optimizer process, your ads are always at top performance levels. The optimizer Teikametrics team is full of experts in marketing and search including keyword optimization.

This ensures that your ad campaigns have the most profitability possible. So if you need advertising guidance, don’t spend hours researching when you have the best tool available with Teikametrics proven optimizer methodologies.

Teikametrics Flywheel

Teikametrics Review - Flywheel

The key product of Teikametrics is the Flywheel platform. This focuses on advertising optimization and increasing the profitability of products.

With Teikametrics Flywheel, analyze how much you spend on advertising and if it’s truly what you should be spending. You can evaluate your organic traffic versus sales data from ads. And improve organic sales as well as your PPC campaigns.

The optimization platform will allow you to take a close look at your performance metrics. See the data on how well you do each month. The best progress is made after all when you have a goal to work toward! With all your sales data, know exactly what you need to accomplish each month.

Flywheel can ensure you eliminate waste from your PPC campaigns, make your Amazon sponsored products more effective, and gives you the best recommendations. The platform helps you increase sales profits while reducing what you spend through algorithmic machine learning!

Intuitive FBA Dashboards

Teikametrics Review - Dashboard

Your dashboard is where you will quickly see how your campaigns are going. Users get an overview of their ad campaign’s progress. This includes data like total revenue, ad revenue, total ad spend, cost of sale, and ad spend that is wasted.

The FBA dashboards are particularly useful for comparing metrics. So users can quickly compare selected data points. Users can select different data science factors including clicks, cost per click, click-through rate, conversions, conversion rate, spending, and impressions.

You’ll also be easily able to analyze keywords performance factors. Users can even compare how a keyword’s performance in present and past campaigns. So you can make an informed decision on what keywords to pursue.

Keyword Ranking Analysis

Boosting sales isn’t just about having the best inventory or an amazing review. You need people to find your products to make those sales. And we know that keywords are the path to finding those customers.

But not all keywords mean a boost in sales. Some keywords simply have a low sales conversion rate. For the best conversion rate to boost sales, you need to know which keywords you should focus on ranking.

There are many tools out there that help with keyword ranking. But all in the cost of this one ad campaign tool, you can also get the best keyword analysis. This is one of the platform’s secrets to increasing your sales and profits!

Profit Analysis Tools

Deciding what to spend on a campaign, control bids, and ensure a profit is difficult. But with Teikametrics, it is far more simple.

The software allows you to see what your true margins are. You can set maximum bids for your products, but allow the tool to make automated decisions in that range.

With the constant reports on spending compared to profits, you will be able to choose with certainty how to spend and how much to spend on advertising for your Amazon business.

Customized Reporting

Depending on your business, you may have different advertising goals. Are you trying to boost brand awareness before launching new sponsored products? Or do you need to clear inventory and boost profits as fast as possible?

Based on your goals, you may be looking for different metrics. This is what the customized report offers businesses. As an Amazon business, you will see exactly how you are performing from your Teikametrics sponsored products sales to your click-through rate.

Use customized reports’ information to boost brands’ awareness and increase organize traffic to your business. With the right data, you’ll know where to improve and how to become more profitable.

Advertised Campaign Management

Get all the recommendations you need to launch and manage the best advertising campaign your business has ever had! It’s time to have your Teikametrics sponsored products flying off the shelves without you having to hire a new Amazon advertising expert.

With automated keyword bids, flagged keywords for poor performance, and ad cost thresholds, you can let Flywheel do all the work! All you need to do is create the campaign based on the recommended factors from the program.

The program has all the data and analysis available to give you the best recommendations. Once you’ve made your decisions, let your advanced online tool take over from there.

Amazon Sponsored Brands Algorithmic Bids

For anyone selling sponsored products, this sponsored brands bidding system will be your new best friend!

Sponsored brands bidding means that you don’t need to be constantly adjusting inventory prices. Teikametrics can take care of this for you on Amazon! This tool will increase company profitability by working smarter!

As sponsored products face competitive pressures, the algorithmic bidding will take into account your desired margins and inventory in order to find the best bidding price. Your sales will only get better and better and profitability will stay up!

Price Aware Bids

As a business, set the parameters of ad bidding. The set parameters will help the algorithm correctly bid on sponsored products as you would. A business can easily tell Flywheel exactly what they want to be done. The algorithm will ensure it falls in line with getting the best value for your business.

With price aware bids, a business can feel that they have another employee to help with real-time competition. Teikametrics reacts quickly on Amazon, so you no longer need to worry.

Managed Services

An online tool with incredible algorithms is great. But sometimes, you just want to have a human who is helping your Amazon business. After all, a human can help you sort through all the data and analysis these online tools give you. They can help you make sense of it all!

When purchased in addition to the basic monthly plan, managed services offer support to businesses. With their expert team, you get the marketing optimization you could only dream of before.

The team will not only create but audit your ad campaigns. Through regularly scheduled calls and one manager assigned to your account, you’ll get the personalized attention that’s targeted toward your success.

So now you can focus on a sellers’ job like inventory management and leave the marketing to the pros. Make your business the most profitable it can be with the best campaigns designed by an expert.

Teikametrics Customer Reviews

Teikametrics Review - Customers

The reviews are in! And it’s no surprise that Teikametrics is a huge hit. With so many features and tools available to Amazon businesses, it has quickly become a seller favorite.

Reviews from sellers point to the excellent customer support they receive from the team. With so many great ad campaign experts ready to answer your questions, you can get the best help for your business.

Some reviews from businesses do complain about the price. However, most sellers point to the incredible power and breadth of the tool’s features and say that it makes the pricing well worth it.

With businesses more profitable after using this Amazon ad managing tool, there is a lot of praise going around for this product!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Teikametrics

No Amazon seller tool is perfect. And Teikametrics is no exception. But if you’re looking to boost organic traffic or find the best optimizer for your campaigns, you want the best there is.

So let’s look at what we love about this tool and what could be better.


Tools to Increase Profit

If you are an Amazon seller, you want the most profitable business. This comes from managing ad spend costs, keeping large margins, and having effective ad campaigns. But you can’t manage all the minutiae of every PPC campaign you run.

With these tools, you will be able to hit your targets while using the right keywords, price bidding, and more!

Unlimited Products and Advertising Campaigns

No need to worry about how many Teikametrics sponsored products you sell or how many campaigns you run. With your purchase, get unlimited support for all your marketing endeavors.

You will have all the data and analysis to create as many campaigns as you want. And with all these powerful tools, you can boost sales across the board. And you’ll never worry that your business is working harder than your marketing tool!

Accurate Insights

There’s no point in collecting data if it’s inaccurate. Other platforms may give you inaccurately reported data or even an incomplete picture.

But with this tool at your fingertips, get all the insights into your business (and even competitor businesses) that you need. And you can trust that it is accurate!

User-Friendly Interface

With a lot of data you don’t understand, there’s really no point in paying for a powerful tool like this. But luckily, Teikametrics makes it easy.

With its user-friendly interface and intuitive FBA dashboards, you can perform analysis on your own and confidently. Compare metrics, read recommendations, and quickly create your next big campaign!


Pricey for Small-Scale Amazon Sellers

Teikametrics is one of the most powerful marketing tools for Amazon you can buy. So don’t be surprised that it’s also one of the most expensive. While for large sellers, the pricing is worth every penny for the profitability, this isn’t always the case for smaller sellers on Amazon.

If you’re just looking for a little Amazon PPC boost, you may not be ready for these tools yet. You can always come back when you’re ready!

Data May Be Irrelevant for New Amazon Sellers

Similarly to the question of pricing, these tools may even just be too powerful for new sellers.

If you’re just beginning to learn about inventory management, intense data and regular reports may just be too much. It’s better to not get overwhelmed when you’re first starting.

We recommend you start with some basic keywords work, improve your service, and work on organic traffic. When you’re ready to launch large campaigns, then the program will be there when you need it.

Teikametrics Pricing

The cost of Teikametrics features baseline pricing plus a portion of your ad spend. We’ll discuss the ad spend pricing below, but first, let’s cover the basics.

Teikametrics has several package options. There is just the Flywheel platform, Ad Management plan, or Premium ad managing. Both ad managing packages also come with an optional service package.

Here is the price you would get for each Flywheel platform and ad managing platform:

Flywheel Platform $59 per month

Teikametrics Review - Pricing

The Flywheel platform includes the basics of the platform’s features including goal-based campaign creation for Amazon, algorithmic keyword bidding, automated keyword targeting, and custom analytics.

Ad Management Services Starts at $1,500 per month on Amazon

Teikametrics Review - Pricing

For the Ad Managing services, you’ll be paying the cost of the Flywheel platform monthly plus the ad managing services cost. So you will get all the Flywheel platform features plus:

  • A designated account manager
  • Monthly calls to check-in
  • Weekly performance email updates

Premium Ad Management Starts at $5,000 per month on Amazon

Teikametrics Review - Pricing

With Premium Ad Managing services, you get everything you would get from Flywheel and your account manager, but even more!

Here are the key features you get from Premium Ad Managing services:

  • Research and targeting against competitors
  • Budget forecasting and optimization
  • Weekly Performance Report

Ad Spend Pricing

Whether you only purchase the Flywheel platform, or you also get the ad managing services, part of the cost of Teikametrics is the ad spend percentage.

The good news is that you get $5,000 in free ad spend monthly! After you’ve spent $5,000, you will begin to pay 3% of your ad spend.

So, for example, if you spend $10,000 on ad spend in a month and you have the basic Flywheel package, the cost would be $209. That $59, for the cost of the platform, plus 3% on what you spent after the first $5,000, so $150.

This system helps you pay less for the service when you do less advertising. So you’re not locked into one price every month as your advertising intensity fluctuates.

Do You Sign a Contract for Teikametrics?

No, you do not have to sign a contract with the software! Users can sign up with an account, pay for the months they want, and cancel at any time.

But if you’re not sure about whether a Teikametrics would be the right fit, try the 30-day free trial. This way, you don’t need to purchase a subscription and then cancel. Just make sure if it’s not the right software for your seller business, cancel your account before you are charged!

Teikametrics vs Sellics

When reviewing software for businesses, it’s hard not to compare them to their top competitors. Many users simply want to know which is better!

The software Teikametrics is most often compared to is Sellics. Sellics has similar goals to the Teikametrics software, but several key points separate these two competitors. So which is better, Teikametrics or Sellics?

The fact is, that these platforms are so different and have different strengths and weaknesses, it will really come down to each business. But here are a few things you need to know about Sellics compared to Teikametrics.

How Good is Sellics?

Sellics is a great option for businesses. It is constantly being updated, has good features for users, and maintains analytics for your business.

However, according to customers, the Sellics interface can be far less intuitive than its competitor. For some users, it can be quite difficult to use.

If you’re looking for the software that is easiest to use, then Sellics may not be the right choice for you.

How Much Is Sellics?

A large difference between the two platforms is their payment plans.

Teikametrics’ price partially depends on how much you spend on ads. They will take 3% of whatever you spend in addition to a base price after $5,000.

With Sellics, the monthly price is fixed. With an ad-spend percentage, you’re looking at the same bill. Sellics is often more affordable than Teikametrics. It starts at around $200 each month for up to $20,000 on ad spend.

Frequently Asked Questions about Teikametrics

How Much Is Teikametrics?

The basic platform costs $59 monthly. You can then add personalized Amazon campaign support, but this is optional. In addition to what you’ll pay for services, you will also pay 3% of ad-spend, although the first $5,000 spent on ads is free.

Is Teikametrics Worth It?

For large businesses, having campaigns managed by the platform is very much worth the money. With the first $5,000 in ads cost-free and the powerful tools, it is well worth the money. The keyword analysis, Amazon industry insights, and well-documented reports make for increased profitability.

However, for smaller businesses, your campaigns could probably be managed by yourself until your business has grown.

Teikametrics Verdict

The world of sales is always changing, and you need tools that will keep up. This is where the Teikametrics Flywheel platform can help!

With their intuitive, easy-to-use FBA dashboards, unlimited Teikametrics sponsored products support, and the boost in sales you can see, it’s a great tool for any Amazon business. Everyone has their minds on increased profitability, but this tool can actually get you to improved sales on Amazon.

If you’re still not sure about the platform after this review, give the free trial a chance and take a look at the possibilities. There is so much to discover with this software, that it’s hard to be disappointed.

When it comes to Teikametrics, we know it’s powerful, accurate, and that it works. The only question is whether your business is ready for it. If you think you are, it’s time to leap into your business’s new phase of advertising and profits!



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