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AmazeOwl Review – Start Your Amazon Business Without Guess Work

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Starting an Amazon FBA business from scratch can be an exciting yet difficult journey. Deciding on which software and tools to speed up the process of product research and validating your first product can be even harder. I hope this AmazeOwl review helps clear up some questions you may have.

AmazeOwl Review

What is AmazeOwl?

AmazeOwl is an Amazon product research service that has tools dedicated to researching competitors offering products similar to yours. The best part about AmazeOwl is they do all of the research for you. Competition can be stiff in the market. It’s always helpful to have a resource such as AmazeOwl to help you research what the competitors are selling, the price they’re selling their products for and how they’re marketing their products to the customers. Once you’ve determined this information, it makes it easier for you to better position your products in the marketplace. Amazeowl tracks the productivity of competitive products such as price changes and keywords. The service is compatible with Amazon Services throughout the world including Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.co.au. Amazeowl allows you to search over 600 million items in the Amazon marketplace to select the product that’s best for you. With a quick scan, the system is able to spot products that have high earning potential. The database is updated daily to keep you current as new products enter the marketplace. With the AmazeOwl service you’re able to understand your competition which allows you to differentiate your product for higher revenues.

AmazeOwl Features

AmazeOwl review

AmazeOwl removes the burden of coming up with product ideas. With a quick search, you can scan over 600 million different products and the Amazon marketplace. The marketplace gives you a variety of products to sell as an e-commerce business. They take the guesswork out of which products are the most popular by highlighting products with the highest earning potential. AmazeOwl gives you information that allows you to better understand the competition pool. The system gives you specific information on the demand of the product and potential profit. As your competitors change, you are able to monitor them and make adjustments to your product. You are able to monitor your keywords and make changes that drive more buyers to your business. You will receive alerts when new competitors enter the market place so you’re able to formulate a strategy to effectively compete.

AmazeOwl Pricing

AmazeOwl Cost

The pricing for AmazeOwl is very reasonable. If you’re curious and want to try out AmazeOwl, they offer a starter program that is free. You’re able to track one niche and monitor three keywords with the starter package. You will have access to the keyword search feature which allows you to search two keywords. The other programs for AmazeOwl are priced at $19.99 per month and this plan is known as the growth plan. With this plan, you’re able to track 10 niches and monitor 10 keywords. You get regular customer support and you’re able to search 50 products per month in the product database. For the more established e-commerce business, AmazeOwl has a package for 29.95 per month that allows you to track 300 niches, 50 keywords and search 200 products in the database per month. Amaze Owl offers 10 days of training for their platform and provides customer support for paid subscriptions. If you sign up for an annual plan, you do receive a discount and are more than welcome to checkout the latest AmazeOwl promo codes offered here.

There are other alternatives to AmazeOwl those alternatives include:

Jungle Scout – has a monthly price of $29 per month and supports nine marketplaces. While it is reliable and accurate, it does not support the JP Marketplace.
Scope – has a monthly price of $33 per month and only supports the US marketplace. It is not user-friendly and does not have extensive customer support.
• Unicorn Smasher – their services are offered for free and support only the US and United Kingdom marketplaces. It is free to download and has basic functions.
Cash Cow Pro – has a monthly price of $40 per month and supports eight marketplaces. It is easy to navigate, however, a better matrix would be helpful.
• AMZ shark – has a monthly rate of $299 per month and supports 12 marketplaces. While it has a wide range of features, the monthly price is a bit expensive.

In comparison, AmazeOwl seems to have a more comprehensive platform for searching and analyzing products in the Amazon marketplace. When you compare the price, the features, and the customer support, it appears that AmazeOwl is a better option.

Frequently asked questions

How to use AmazeOwl?

Before you begin to use AmazeOwl you need to determine the criteria for each product you want to sell. After you’ve made this determination, you’re able to log into your AmazeOwl dashboard and begin looking for products that meet your criteria. The dashboard gives you the ability to change your criteria. For example, you’re able to select your price range, the size of the product and any keywords you like associated with your product. Within the dashboard, you’re able to perform an analysis of your competitors and the revenue that is generated by each competitor. The dashboard provides other search features that allow you to refine your search for your particular product. Once you set the criteria for your products, you’re ready to upload them and begin making money.

How much does AmazeOwl cost?

AmazeOwl Offers a starter package that is free. This package is good for individuals who want to kick the tires. These people are curious and want to get a feel of the AmazeOwl platform and the features the services offer. There are two other packages that AmazeOwl offers. The growth package is $19.99 per month for a monthly subscription. The established package is a monthly rate of $29.95. AmazeOwl Offers a 33% savings if you sign up for the annual subscription. Included in the subscription is a 10-day product training that gets you acclimated to the features offered within AmazeOwl the platform.

There’s nothing like the sense of freedom that comes with owning your own business. The responsibility of dealing with employees, paying rent, or managing payroll does not give business owners the sense of freedom they are looking for. Starting a business on the Amazon marketplace allows you to do business on your terms. Our AmazeOwl review shows that you’re able to easily select products that are in high demand with an existing customer base. Since Amazon has hundreds of millions of customers, this system makes it easy for you to reach your target audience much easier. Even though Amazon has a large audience, there is still an art to selecting the right product to sell. In making that determination, you need to determine what price you want to sell the products for, the size of the product and how much competition exist for any particular product. AmazeOwl allows you to refine your search and with the click of a button, you’re able to determine which products return the best revenue. If you’ve been looking to sell products online, AmazeOwl is the best place to start.

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