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HelloProfit Review – Amazon PPC and Analytics Tool

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What is HelloProfit?

HelloProfit was created to help Amazon merchants control and manage staggering amounts of data. The application assists merchants in determining the best strategy for increasing revenue. The design of the software enhances data management and profit calculations. The tool increases profits by using historical analysis and data for making critical business decisions.

HelloProfit enables merchants to compare product groups and tremendous amounts of data. Due to the convenient dashboards, merchants can access all of the options immediately. HelloProfit keeps merchants informed regarding sales, payouts and promotions to enable management of all operations through the software. The HelloProfit Review is excellent.

HelloProfit Review

HelloProfit Review

There are numerous reasons for the positive HelloProfit review. The tool is affordable, saves the merchant valuable time for spreadsheet editing and crunching numbers and includes an exceptional PPC manager. The software is intuitive and well designed including the CRM. HelloProfit is also simple to use and powerful. Although veterans will benefit from the software, it is especially useful for beginners.

HelloProfit Features:

Merchant Dashboard

HelloProfit provides a comprehensive and complex dashboard. All data for sales and profits are collected for viewing by the merchant. Data is managed daily, weekly and monthly for margin percentages, gross sales and ROI to provide a better analysis. Data from the same period the previous year can be compared to current data. Merchants can determine what is impacting profits to make well-informed decisions.

HelloProfit Dashboard Features

Products can be analyzed individually including orders and sales. Sales structure analysis includes what is impacting profits such as refunds and promotions. HelloProfit syncs all data with Amazon in real-time to provide merchants with extremely precise data. Merchant accounts from every region can be navigated using a single dashboard.

The main use of the dashboard is understanding both the market and all subsequent patterns. The merchant can also customize product groupings to determine the potential of specific product lines and individual products. Merchants can analyze promotions to determine if they are effective or should be discontinued. The dashboard offers an accurate estimate to determine the significance of potential ROI.

The dashboard provides an itemized breakdown to help merchants determine estimated profits. To be successful, every Amazon merchant needs to understand the fees charged by Amazon. The effectiveness of sales can be summarized with the tool by tracking the sales ranking of the merchant. A higher position shows the merchant is conducting successful sales.

Payout Reporting

Amazon sellers put in a lot of hard work to make certain their businesses are successful. To accurately determine business perspectives, merchants must monitor finances on a regular basis. Payout Reporting provides merchants with a report twice per week. The merchant can generate reports encompassing individual products in addition to statements and general account reviews.

The accounting feature provided by HelloProfit keeps all merchant transactions together and easily accessible. The report includes refunds and Amazon fees. Due to the current popularity of revenue calculators, HelloProfit included a built-in feature for this purpose. Merchants have the ability to calculate real profits including the cost of advertising and fees.

The costs table includes a wide range of different expenses. To help eliminate the possibility of merchants becoming confused or lost due to all of the expenses, everything is grouped into separate categories. Merchants can easily determine the areas requiring improvement by looking at all of the different cost groupings.

PPC Manager

HelloProfit provides Amazon merchants with a distinctive PPC manager. The manager provides access to the merchant’s average order value. Merchants can adjust bids by considering advertising costs to guarantee the highest possible profits. The tool shows fundamental metrics for advertising including total advertising costs of sales and advertising costs of sales.

Conversion percentages and the number of clicks are also displayed. The PPC manager enables merchants to assign different values, make comparisons and customize graphs. The data is extremely easy to interpret because the graphs are not automatically generated. The charts are completed by the PPC manager in a very convenient and attractive manner.

The feature enables the merchant to change keyword bids. Only a few seconds are necessary for the bid to be changed. The merchant can also browse through the complete history of the bid.

Instant Notifications

Amazon merchants must remain current for even the slightest changes in price. HelloProfit has created the instant notifications feature for this purpose. The merchant can use these features by manually setting all of the parameters such as the lowest price possible. If there is a decrease in price, the merchant will immediately be sent a notification.

The merchant can decide to have a notification received after the product has gained maximum velocity in one hour, one day or both. If no products have been sold, the merchant can be fairly certain there is some type of issue regarding the listings. The fast notification by HelloProfit enables merchants to correct any issues as soon as they appear.

Customers and Orders

A crucial consideration for Amazon merchants is choosing the ideal price to gain more loyal customers for a good ROI. The merchant must also know who is purchasing products from their business. One of the common goals of every Amazon merchant is attracting and maintaining as many loyal customers as possible. Understanding how frequently repeat purchases are made is an important part of making good business decisions.

HellpProfit enables merchants to control their refund policy. The merchant can then determine how frequently customers are requesting refunds. Merchants can determine which products have not yet been returned. HelloProfit makes it possible to know every single customer. Merchants can use the software for making customer notes for better service based on the preferences of the customers.

Every time the username of the customer appears, the notes will automatically pop up. A good example is when the merchant is aware that the last delivery for the customer was postponed, incentives can be offered and steps taken to ensure the next shipment is on time.

HelloProfit Pricing

The pricing for HelloProfit begins at $97 each month. The merchant can try out the software first by accepting a free trial for 21 days. There is a monthly charge of $29 for each additional Amazon merchant account.

HelloProfit Alternatives


Sellics offers an FBA management solution for Amazon merchants including features and tools for the management of the following.

• SEO optimization
• Product and keyword research
• Inventory management
• Amazon sponsored PPC campaigns and products
• Competitor research
• Review management

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout enables Amazon merchants to conduct product research to determine the most profitable products to sell. The software is web-based and accessible through an internet browser. Jungle Scout provides filters to locate products using criteria determined by the merchant.


How Do You Use HelloProfit?

Merchants use the software for grouping multiple ASINs. The merchant can then use the data for the comparison of different groups of products or historical profits. Even many of the newer FBA sellers on Amazon are offering a wide selection of products for fairly broad categories. The management of this type of setup is generally extremely complicated. HelloProfit makes management a lot easier for the merchants.

HelloProfit includes a Chrome extension and keyword tracking with numerous logins available. There are different permissions available for each member of staff. HelloProfit is one of few software solutions offering this type of functionality. Every team member will see the exact same information once they have logged in. HellpProfit provides all of the tools and functions critical for running a profitable business.

How much does HelloProfit cost?

HelloProfit pricing starts at $97 per month.

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