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Just one dime review

Just One Dime Review (2023) – Is Seth Kniep’s Amazon FBA Course Worth It?

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Are you looking for training, helpful tips, and insider advice that can help you grow your passive income through Amazon FBA to the highest degree possible?

Not sure which FBA course is right for you?

You’ve come to the right place.

In this Just One Dime Review, the Amazon FBA course developed by Seth Kniep, we’ll look at all of the features that make the program unique.

You’ll find information about the structure of the course, feedback from previous students, and an analysis of the pros and cons.

By the end of this review, you should have a good idea of how Just One Dime compares to other FBA courses.

That way, you can make an informed decision about which FBA training program you should invest in.

Are you ready to take the first step toward potentially growing your passive income from your Amazon business? Let’s get started.

Who Is Seth Kniep?

Just one dime review

Seth Kniep is a successful entrepreneur who compiled his expertise about selling products via Amazon through the FBA program into this course, Just One Dime.

After becoming fed up with the unfair pay he was earning at his previous job (while the CEO of the company made heaps of money from his labor), he decided to strike out on his own by becoming an Amazon seller.

Seth quickly found that his Amazon business was earning him more passive income than he knew what to do with, and so he decided to give back to the Amazon entrepreneur community by sharing the secrets to his success.

By drawing on both thorough research and real-life business experience, Seth was able to create the online course Just One Dime to help other entrepreneurs earn more money via passive income with FBA.

Now, other members of the community can get access to unique materials that can teach them how to grow their operations and achieve higher levels of success in business.

A Look Inside the Course

Now that you’re familiar with the creator of the course, and you know about his mission to share his expert advice with the community, let’s take a look at how Just One Dime works and how it purports to help you increase your passive income.

What is FBA?

If you’re new to the Amazon entrepreneur community, and you’re not familiar with FBA, then it’s time for us to define the term.

FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon, and it’s a way for affiliates to save on physical resources and labor while continuing to earn money by selling products.

With FBA, affiliates can store their product inventory in an Amazon warehouse and have shipments sent out automatically when orders are placed via the Marketplace.

This relieves the burden on the entrepreneur to have to find a place to store shipments from their suppliers and handle shipping products to customers as well.

How Does the Course Help with Selling on Amazon?

The Just One Dime online course provides students with coaching and advice that help them streamline the selling process, earn more money, and achieve greater levels of success in business.

It teaches smart business strategies, such as how to pick the right products to sell, and gives tips for improving marketing techniques.

Just One Dime isn’t the only course that offers these services, so we’ll have to dig a litter deeper to determine if it’s worth the investment.

Just one dime review

The Course Modules in Just One Dime Review

The Just One Dime course is divided into five sections, each with a focus on different specific areas relevant to growing your business through fulfillment services.

Instruction is given primarily via training videos and slideshows.

The first section gives advice about getting started.

This covers everything from setting up your account to building your brand and even gives tips about handling administrative tasks like accounting and taxes.

Part two is all about research and analytics.

It teaches students how to analyze the market to determine what products will be successful at what time, and how to research a product to determine its potential success rate.

The third section deals with creating your physical product.

The videos discuss the manufacturing process and give details about how to set up shipping and handling with the fulfillment service.

The final two sections of the course focus on more advanced business strategies, such as improving ranking and conversion rates.

In addition to the extensive library of training videos, students also get access to meetings with expert coaches, both one-on-one and in a communal setting with other learners.

Sessions with coaches help to supplement the content from the videos and allow for more specific issues to be dealt with.

Group sessions with other entrepreneurs can also provide useful opportunities for networking.

Additionally, students who participate in the course can get unique ideas from coaches based on previously conducted market research.


Just One Dime certainly does have its benefits.

The over 200 hours of online video lessons are certain to have value for any entrepreneur looking to improve their operations.

The personalized advice from mentors that comes with your Just One Dime membership is probably the most valuable part, as it is specifically tailored to your needs.

And the pre-researched ideas that they give to members are surely nothing to scoff at.


While some of the specific features of Just One Dime might be unique, the bulk of the content really isn’t.

There are plenty of other places online where you can find the same information.

Plus, with the amount of money you have to pay to access the course, it might be a better investment for you to seek assistance elsewhere.

For instance, there are plenty of Internet discussion groups for entrepreneurs in similar situations where you can network and learn the tricks of the trade for free.

Just One Dime Student Reviews

There’s no better way to see if a product is worth its salt than to solicit the opinions of others who have used it before.

A quick Google search will pull up quite a bit of feedback from previous students, and the reception seems to be mixed.

On the one hand, some users were very happy with the quick feedback and attention from the team of dedicated full-time mentors.

These students felt the comprehensive assistance was worth the cost, and that they appreciated not having to wait hours upon hours for a response.

These users found that Just One Dime gave them the tools they needed to sell more products, watch market trends, and earn more passive income.

They felt that the reliable support from full-time staff members made their job more manageable and changed their life for the better.

Other students, however, were not as thrilled with their experience with Just One Dime.

A common complaint was that most of the information that was guarded behind a hefty paywall could be found on Google for free.

Thinking about the number of products you’d have to sell or hours you’d have to work at another job to be able to afford the payments, it would be easy to decide against paying for Just One Dime in favor of a free, crowdsourced alternative.

Of course, free options aren’t likely to offer the same level of dedication and personal attention that comes from professional mentors, so there is a bit of a trade-off.

A more experienced entrepreneur is more likely to give you better and more comprehensive advice if it is their job to do so, while someone doing a favor for free would probably not put in the same amount of effort.


As we’ve mentioned before, Just One Dime isn’t the only option out there when looking for this type of service.

There are plenty of other courses available on the Internet that might work better for your life and working style like Jungle Scouts Academy which comes with all paid subscriptions.

Let’s take a look at two of these and see how they measure up.

Freedom Ticket – Helium 10

This alternative resource developed by successful entrepreneur Kevin King offers a lot of the same tools as Kniep’s.

Helium 10’s freedom ticket comes free with any paid plan. Its an 8 week package, so essentially you would have to sign up for 2 months to complete the course. That being said, it is super in depth, and you have everything you need to know to mapped out in one blueprint from start to finish.

This alternative even comes with a tool that helps manage ads and marketing for your product, which may be a a much needed resource for some entrepreneurs.

All in all, it seems that a proportionate benefit can be derived from this resource for a much smaller cost.

So this option might be a better investment for those looking to save some cash as it come free with Helium 10s suite of tools (which is one of the tops tools to choose from).

Private Label Masters – Tim Sanders

Tim Sanders is another entrepreneur who has had a great deal of success offering products on this marketplace.

His Private Label Masters class is his way of sharing his expertise with the world.

While this option also has less content overall than Kniep’s, the content seems to be comparable in quality.

Members are able to join Tim’s VIP Facebook group, which can be an excellent networking opportunity, as well as an ongoing system of communal support.

What’s the Final Word?

Kniep’s FBA class can certainly provide you with the resources you need to increase your revenue as an entrepreneur.

The content is extensive and the reliable support network can really make a difference in users’ experiences.

However, the content isn’t very unique, and access to the materials can be quite expensive.

At the end of the day, it depends on how much you’re willing to spend on the convenience of having all of the content aggregated into one place.

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