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rebatekey review

RebateKey Review – How Does It Work For Amazon Sellers?

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RebateKey Review With 100,000 Amazon sellers in California alone, there’s fierce competition on the US Amazon marketplace. Incentives such as discounts and rebates can be an excellent way for sellers to push their products and stand out from the crowd. But how can you launch tempting offers which will allow your customers to purchase your products for less while enabling you to grow your business and make more money in the long run?

Some of the best Amazon seller tools such as RebateKey are unlocking new ways for sellers to connect with their customers. (And there are many potential customers out there – more than 95 million people are currently subscribed to Amazon Prime). An online platform that provides deals, coupons, cashback, discounts, and rebates to buyers on Amazon, RebateKey aims to boost visibility and help businesses sell more products.

Sound too good to be true? In this RebateKey review, we’ll be explaining how RebateKey works for Amazon sellers. Read on to find out whether the platform could benefit your brand.

rebatekey review

What Is RebateKey?

Based in San Diego, California, RebateKey is a cloud-based platform that enables eCommerce sellers to launch rebates on products as part of a promotional campaign. It was launched in 2018 by a team of more than 30 eCommerce merchants, who wanted a website where they could promote their new or best-selling products to online shoppers.

As well as Amazon, RebateKey has also partnered with the following stores:

  • Walmart
  • eBay
  • Etsy
  • Shopify
  • Jet

Rebate Key aims to update the concept of mail-in product rebates for the digital age. Instead of buyers having to mail in a product coupon or discount code from a catalog to get a rebate check, RebateKey manages the entire process online, collecting rebate funds and paying each check into virtual wallets.

This means that customers of Amazon, Walmart, and eBay can purchase the products they want for less, while Rebate Key sellers can promote their items and reach more customers. It’s a win-win situation.

What Is A Rebate? 

A rebate is a full or partial refund paid back to a customer via check once they purchase a particular product. Unlike a straightforward discount, rebate only occurs after the point of sale, not at the same time.

For example, a buyer who chooses to purchase rebate products through the Rebate Key site will initially pay the full price of the items. But after 35 days, they will receive the agreed rebate amount as a form of retrospective discount. The rebate is set in advance by the seller and can vary from between 10% and 100% of the product cost.

With a rebate of 100%, the customer will receive a check for the item’s full price. This means rebate can be an attractive and simple way for buyers to get free products.

rebatekey review

How Do You Use RebateKey As An Amazon Seller?

To start listing product rebates on RebateKey, you will need to create a seller’s account. The sign-up process is quick and easy. To verify your business, you will need to provide some details, including:

  • The name, address, and website of your company
  • A contact email address
  • Your average product sales volume
  • The sort of products you’d like to rebate

Once you’ve set up your account, you can submit a rebate campaign for approval. Within the RebateKey dashboard, enter the details of the product you want to promote as part of the campaign. The interface is straightforward, with clear sections for the following information:

  • The name of the rebate product, up to a maximum of 255 characters
  • A simple description of the product and the category it falls under
  • Images of the product
  • The product ID. This is a unique number which will prevent buyers from trying to purchase the same item more than once.
  • How many products you want to rebate and how long your campaign should be live on the site
  • The rebate percentage you want to offer

As RebateKey works for other stores such as Walmart and Etsy as well as Amazon Prime, you will need to select that your rebate products are specifically available to purchase from the Amazon website. The team at RebateKey will then review your rebate campaign, usually taking 24 hours or less to approve it.

What Happens Once Your Campaign Is Approved?

  1. Once RebateKey has approved your rebate campaign, your products will be available to purchase on its platform. Buyers who have used their email address to create a RebateKey account will see the products listed for the rebate price – in other words, the price for which they will eventually get the product. When they click on the product, a link will send them to the Amazon (or Amazon Prime) site, where they can purchase the product at full price.
  2. Your buyer then has 1 hour to contact RebateKey and let them know that they purchased a product. RebateKey will review each purchase by checking the customer’s order ID. This is their Amazon order number, which is known as the rebate key.
  3. After 35 days, RebateKey will send a check for the agreed rebate amount to each buyer (presuming their order number/rebate key is valid). As the seller, you will have these 35 days to approve the rebate, or notify Rebate Key of any product returns that occur after purchase.

What Can I Expect When Using RebateKey Review?

It’s pretty easy to see how RebateKey can benefit customers. After all, we all like to get something for nothing, and websites that promise to save us money and help us get free products are all the rage. But how can giving products away for less than the full price help Amazon sellers? And is RebateKey the best site to use for this? This review aims to help you decide.


  • RebateKey handles all product payments
  • Its order ID/rebate key system prevents buyers from making the same purchase more than once
  • It sends external traffic to your Amazon store
  • It automatically mails each rebate check
  • Period of 35 days to authenticate each rebate key (order number) and confirm no products were returned
  • Easy to contact customer service via Facebook Messenger


  • You can only create one rebate campaign per product run
  • There’s no phone support as part of the Rebate Key customer service
  • Some products have limited numbers of rebate checks available

Features of RebateKey

  • Internal Messaging Feature. This is a feature within the platform. It enables a seller to contact the buyers of its rebate products, if necessary
  • Automatic pre-approval of each rebate check (a seller has 35 days to query or deny a rebate, for example, if any products are returned)
  • An optional Chrome extension which makes it easier for buyers to find your rebate products
  • A separate wallet for each Rebate Key campaign
  • Landing pages to help each seller drive traffic to the products on their site

What’s The Price Of RebateKey?

The fee to use RebateKey is $2.95 for every customer rebate claim (in other words, for every purchase of your products). This means that if you give out 20 rebates throughout your campaign – for example, 30 days – you will need to pay $59 in commission.

You can sign up to use the RebateKey platform for free, so these fees are the only charges you will ever pay.

Is RebateKey Worth It?

Considering the low fees and the wealth of features discussed in this Rebate key review, we believe RebateKey offers excellent value for money. The platform makes it simple to list your products and launch your rebate campaigns. Verifying each rebate key to sending each check, it takes care of the logistics, and its interface is easy to use.

RebateKey has a range of additional features that make the rebate process even easier as well as its payment processing. For example, its messaging feature enables sellers to contact buyers directly, without having to navigate the GDPR issues of using a customer email address.

These features could justify a monthly fee purely for a seller to use the software. As RebateKey only charges commission, it’s difficult to see why any seller would regret exploring the Rebate Key platform more.

Is RebateKey Against Amazon Terms Of Service (ToS)?

RebateKey would certainly not be worth it if its service contradicted Amazon’s policies! As mentioned in other Rebate Key reviews, the platform does not go against Amazon’s terms of service.

The Amazon ToS explicitly state that a seller isn’t allowed to send out free or discounted products in exchange for a customer review. If each customer had to prove that they’d submitted an Amazon review before qualifying for their rebate check, this would be a clear violation of the Amazon rules. However, all they have to do is provide their order ID and rebate key.

On its website, RebateKey officially says that it is not a review generating platform. Its service does not require – or encourage – rebate customers to leave Amazon reviews, and it verifies each order number (or rebate key) over 35 days to make sure the products have been bought legitimately before mailing each check.

Final Thoughts

Rebate key.com can be a valuable tool whether you’re an emerging or well-established Amazon seller. Because of the high turnover of rebate campaigns on its website, many businesses find that they start seeing results quickly, increasing traffic and boosting product sales.

We hope that this Rebate Key review has helped you decide whether this tool could benefit your company and help you sell more products. Kick-start your campaigns by visiting RebateKey today!

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