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Search Find Buy – Boost Your Amazon Ranking Strategy

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In the time that Amazon has been around, it has steadily grown its network of sellers. But as its business network grows and consumer options increase, it can be difficult to make your product stand out.

One of the truths that every Amazon seller knows is that the higher up your product is on the page, the more likely you are to sell that product. That’s why Amazon sellers have devised a variety of methods to boost rankings on the platform.

Some methods are better than others. Some have been outlawed by Amazon altogether. But one Amazon seller method has quickly grown in popularity: the Search Find Buy method. This technique boosts product rankings on Amazon for a business organically.

Today, we’ll be offering a search find buy review that you can use to fast track your Amazon business and product popularity.

What is Rank Manipulation?

Before we discuss the popular find buy method for Amazon, let’s talk about some of its predecessors. Some of the techniques that we’ll mention are no longer used. That’s because Amazon caught on to these methods and deemed them “rank manipulation”, which violates their Terms of Service.

As a result, they changed their rules, and they changed their ranking algorithms.

Stuffing Keywords

Using keywords is an important step in any search and ranking journey, especially on Amazon. Amazon connects people to the products they’re looking for when they type in related keywords. It used it be that you could boost your product ranking by filling your product description with popular keywords.

This method was known as “keyword stuffing.” It was one of the earliest forms of rank manipulation. But since it first emerged, Amazon’s algorithm has evolved enough to prevent it.

Besides, customers who want to learn about your product prefer a concise description rather than one filled with repetitive additions.

Super URLs

After keyword stuffing, super URLs entered the picture as a popular rank manipulation method on Amazon. Potential customers are given a link to a product listing that includes falsified keywords. If a user makes a purchase, that keyword receives power.

But now, Amazon’s algorithm is extremely sophisticated. It can pick up on which purchases have been made using a business-generated super URL. The algorithm removes those purchases from data used for Amazon ranking purposes.

2-Step URLs

2-Step URLs are similar to super URLs. But unlike super URLs, they generate organic click-throughs on Amazon. We will cover what this is and explain 2-step URLS in greater depth later in this review, because step URLS are similar to search find buy.

When doing business on Amazon, what methods you use to boost your ranking on the page matter. The search find buy method has proven, time and time again, to be a simple yet effective technique. It also fits within Amazon’s regulations and preference for the organic.

How Does The Search Find Buy Method Work?

With this business technique, you are creating organic Amazon click-throughs in real-time.

If used correctly, your target Amazon customers will enter the desired keywords into a search bar. Then, they’ll find your product on the results page. lastly, they will click on it and (hopefully) buy your products.

How Is It Different or Similar to Certain Rank Manipulation Methods?

Most Amazon business rank manipulation techniques imitate links and fake search terms. With the SFB method, the customer is in the driver seat. You’re just giving them directions. They follow the directions that you provide and reach your physical products on their own.

The SFB does share some characteristics with other popular methods, perhaps most noticeably the 2-step URL. The 2-step URL (Helium 10 Gems page – this will create 2 step URLs for you) sends a potential shopper to a search page that has your keywords being used. Then, the user clicks on your product (if they can find it).

This method also leads to organic click-throughs. However, with the SFB technique, the customer is more likely to click on your product. Why? Because you’ve told them exactly where it is through your original directions and pictures.

What Format Does the Search Find Buy Method Take?

Implementing the correct form is important for your successful selling on Amazon. Without a clear outline from start to finish, you’ll be in trouble. You won’t entice any customers to search for your product, and they’ll be confused when they’re trying to find you.

First Step: Find a Way to Attract Potential Customers

To start the search find buy journey for Amazon, you need customers who are going to search, find, and purchase the final product. That means getting the information out to them using a trusted marketing tactic.

There are many ways to attract customers to your offer. You could send out something in an email newsletter or post something on your website’s first page.

One platform of choice for many sellers is Facebook. Facebook has developed an array of marketing tools over the years and has a large user base that you can appeal to.

A Note About Chatbots

Once you have someone who engages with your ad (Facebook or otherwise), try using a chatbot. A chatbot is an automation tool that saves you time. We like it because it makes the entire process easier. The chatbot will provide potential customers with the directions they need to reach your product on Amazon and purchase it.

Now, you don’t have to use a chatbot. But it’s likely to keep your customers interested. It allows them to stay on the platform they like until they need to be diverted to Amazon.

Second Step: Offer a Promotion

The only way you are going to entice someone to search for your product (and go through page after page on Amazon) is to offer them something in return. They are taking time out of their day to boost your Amazon rankings, even if they’re not aware of it. That’s why your search find buy method has to integrate smart promotions.

People like promotions. How you choose to do the promotion is up to you. It might be a standard discount or maybe a rebate. How much you offer off depends on your budget and financial concerns. But if this method is successful for you and boosts your Amazon ranking, it will be worth it.

The higher your products rank on Amazon, the better your business will be. Keep in mind, however, that the higher your discount offers are, you run the risk of Amazon not ranking them at all. Lower discount rates are a safer bet when operating within Amazon’s Terms of Service.

Third Step: Make Sure Your Instructions Are Clear and Concise

If you want people to like your offer and buy your product on Amazon, or gain the Amazon choice badge, the directions to find, buy, and search must be clear. Any vague phrasing or confusing formatting could make a buyer lose interest in your business. Here are a few ways to make your instructions easy-to-follow:

  • Offer numbers: In this step-by-step approach, you present the information in a linear fashion. If a customer gets confused, they can always go back a step and see where they went wrong.
  • Keep your sentences short: Your directions should contain all the necessary information, but they shouldn’t be too long. Keep them short and to the point.
  • Make sure the keywords and page numbers are up-to-date: You’re handing someone a map to your product, so you have to make sure the directions still take you where you think they take you.
  • Include pictures and other descriptive clues: A picture is worth a thousand words, so take the time to include a good one. Pictures and other clues like the title of the listing will fast track a buyer to your products.


Once you break it down, the search find buy method for Amazon is easy to grasp. In time, your selling on Amazon will reach a new level.

Search find buy is a marketing tactic just like any other. With this tactic, there is an extra step or two. And you have to blend it seamlessly with your other strategies. I

If you really want to master the search find buy method, invest in the course. Take the time to learn the material from the creator of the method.

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