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7 Best Amazon Inventory Management Software

Amazon Inventory Management Software

Any Amazon retailer will be quick to agree that inventory management is not the easiest of tasks.

And while you can use your favorite spreadsheet program to manually track your Amazon inventory, you’re not likely to get any medals for pouring blood, sweat, and tears into an error-prone method.

Your best bet? Get the best Amazon inventory management software you can find.

Not sure which automated tool is most suitable for your business?

No worries.

Here’s a list of 7 top-rated Amazon inventory management software solutions to help you stay on top of the vast global fulfillment networks.

1. Veeqo

Veeqo product listing

Small Amazon businesses looking for an all-in-one solution to handle multiple sales channels may as well opt for Veeqo.

The comprehensive Amazon inventory management software puts you in complete control of all your inventories, regardless of the number of warehouses or sales channels you’ve got.

Veeqo offers some important inventory features particularly suited for small businesses. These include:

  • Amazon inventory management: This allows you to fully control inventory across several sales channels, warehouses, and stores on Amazon. The feature keeps you updated on stock levels with its capability to sync inventory in real-time and the forecast demand function.
  • Amazon order management: In addition to giving you access to an in-house support team, this feature lets you see all your orders on Amazon and other sales channels in one place. Plus, it lets you receive automatic order-status updates.
  • Amazon FBA integration: This lets you fulfill orders using the Fulfillment by Amazon option. You also have the option to use third-party logistics providers. Plus, you can easily transfer stock between multiple FBA warehouses you operate.
  • Amazon FBM shipping: You can print shipping labels in bulk, keep track of shipments, and update customers with the Amazon FBM shipping feature. You can also ship orders internationally and choose from more than 20 direct carrier integrations.

The platform also offers Amazon returns management feature.

While Veeqo is a great tool for small businesses, you may want to consider another option if your business is expanding rapidly.

That’s mainly because the software isn’t designed to offer advanced features that larger businesses will need. Veeqo is not your best pick if you want workflow automation, advanced accounting and reporting, or integrated POS.

The tool is also limited when it comes to the number of orders it can handle efficiently.

But Veeqo is an excellent choice if you want something designed to streamline orders and inventory management for a small e-commerce business on Amazon.

2. Brightpearl


Omni-channel merchants will be better served with an automated tool designed specifically to centralize post-purchase operations and provide order management solutions for Amazon.

That’s where Brightpearl shines.

The software doesn’t just provide inventory management. Instead, it is a Retail Operating System (ROS) tool that comes with robust built-for-retail features designed to significantly increase operational agility.

Brightpearl provides robust Amazon integration that seamlessly updates all your sales orders, inventory, and financials.

Want to automate your order to cash processes? Brightpearl’s workflow automation engine doesn’t only help you do this easily; it also allows you to customize the process to suit your specific needs.

Brightpearl is one of the go-to inventory management tools for many retailers owing to its capability to integrate seamlessly with other sales channels.

If you operate multiple sales channels, such as eBay, Shopify, and Magento, you will get real-time inventory updates across all the channels so you have correct data to help you accurately gauge your sales.

In addition to its multichannel inventory management feature, Brightpearl offers other important features including:

  • Amazon settlement report insights: Automatically generated accounting report to give you a better understanding of your profits.
  • Inventory demand planning: This provides accurate forecasts and can be set up to provide replenishment limits to help you maintain inventory to meet customer demands.
  • Warehouse inventory management: Speed up your operations by setting up separate warehouses for FBM and FBA orders and allocating the orders accordingly.
  • Amazon inventory management: See your Amazon inventory in real-time so you know what you have in stock and how orders are allocated.

This Amazon inventory management software is best suited to fast-scaling Amazon retailers.

In addition to benefiting from Brightpearl’s functionality and excellent services, you also get round-the-clock customer support, ongoing business consulting, training, and implementation.

3. QuickBooks Commerce


QuickBooks Commerce is a highly effective automation tool for managing just about every aspect of your e-commerce business.

It combines bookkeeping, order management, and inventory management into one easy-to-use but powerful platform.

Consider QuickBooks if you operate multiple sales channels.

The software is designed to help you optimize your entire operation from a single platform, thanks to its robust features that provide up-to-date sales data on-demand.

Plus, it allows you to quickly see your highest-performing products across multiple channels, so you can tweak your sales strategy for better results.

It is the go-to choice for retailers who want to completely eliminate manual data entry.

Some of its powerful features include:

  • Inventory management: This lets you stay on top of your inventory by automatically sending stock updates so you can reorder as quickly as possible. You get to see the big picture and can choose to dig deeper into the details with its robust tracking options, such as product history, details report, reorder report, stock on hand report, and a host of other options.
  • Order management: Enables you to easily track all your orders from creation to fulfillment using a simplified approach.
  • Multi-channel integrations: Lets you streamline your multichannel operations so all your sales are in one place. It does this by seamlessly integrating with top e-commerce platforms and marketplaces, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Squarespace, Etsy, and more.
  • E-commerce accounting: This allows you to track payouts across multiple sales channels and sync with QuickBooks Online to get a better understanding of your profitability.
  • Product listings: Lets you add product descriptions and update pricing across all channels at the same time.

In addition to its robust features, QuickBooks Commerce comes with a mobile sales app that allows you to manage orders, products, and customers on the go.

While QuickBooks Commerce is a more comprehensive inventory management tool, the initial setup can be a bit tricky and time-consuming.

You may have to look elsewhere if want an inventory management tool that will allow you to hit the ground running.

4. SoStocked


Specifically designed to cater to Amazon sellers, SoStocked is the first of its kind when it comes to a fully-customizable Amazon inventory management and forecasting software.

The tool is created to help you sidestep many inventory management and forecasting issues Amazon sellers typically face. Some of these include late ordering, under-ordering, over-ordering, managing bundles, and more.

There is nothing complex about this software, thanks to its fully-understandable design. Just about anyone can have the tool up and running in no time.

That means you don’t have to worry about any steep learning curve that may lead to loss of business.

SoStocked performs three simple functions, namely:

  • Order management: Helps you stay on top of your business with timely alerts.
  • Forecasting: Enables you to order the right amount and the right time.
  • Inventory management: Lets you know exactly where your stock is.

Being a fully-customizable tool, you can personalize it to suit your Amazon business.

Unfortunately, tracking products shipped outside Amazon FBA isn’t possible with SoStocked, at least for now.

That’s because the software is yet to automate FBA shipments.

However, SoStocked is a highly recommended tool, especially if you primarily operate an Amazon business. It is a great option for efficiently handling many inventory management needs on the platform.

5. Sellbrite

sellbrite product listing

Amazon retailers looking for a simple tool to manage their inventory are likely to find Sellbrite quite appealing.

The easy-to-use software doesn’t only automate inventory updates; it also significantly speeds up shipping, thanks to its simple yet effective features.

While Sellbrite isn’t as advanced as some other advanced options on this list, it integrates seamlessly with as many sales channels as you want.

With Sellbrite, you can integrate Amazon, Esty, eBay, Walmart, Shopify plus, Sears, Deliver, and a host of other sales channels and marketplaces.

The tool allows you to track your products across multiple platforms very easily.

All you need to do is follow three simple steps.

  1. Connect the sales channel you want (for example Amazon)
  2. Add your products to the software
  3. Link everything together with a few simple clicks.

Sellbrite offers a few simple features, including:

  • Product listing: Allows you to quickly bulk list products across multiple sales channels.
  • Inventory synchronization: The centralized inventory management feature gives you a quick overview of on-hand stock levels across all your warehouses. You can easily manage and make changes to your available and reserved stock using a bulk editor to eliminate underselling and overselling.
  • Order shipping: Enables you to print shipping labels right from Sellbrite without additional postage account. This saves you time and money.

Keep in mind that this is a rather simplistic Amazon inventory management software program. That means it won’t be able to automate dropshipping or fulfillment.

Also, it can’t handle very high order volumes.

This means Sellbrite is most suitable for Amazon retailers with small-size businesses.

6. Orderhive


Whether you run a retail or wholesale Amazon business, Orderhive is a powerful e-commerce automation tool that can help you with comprehensive tracking.

With this tool, you can efficiently manage your orders, product listing, inventories, shipping labels, and several other activities.

Automating your workflow as a retailer is effortless with the multichannel inventory management tool.

You can also track inventory using SKUs, automatically synchronize orders, and sell internationally across Amazon websites.

In addition, Orderhive offers the following features:

  • E-commerce automation: Lets you automate your daily business tasks using multiple preset actions and triggers to save you time, effort, and cost.
  • Shipping management: Offers real-time shipment tracking and integrates with over 200 shipping carriers.
  • Purchase management: Simplifies the process of managing purchases with multi-currency transactions, automated PO creation, barcode, and other useful features.
  • Order management: Facilitate order fulfillment right from different warehouses to customers.

The feature-loaded software is trusted by more than 5,500 e-commerce companies consisting of startups and well-recognized brands across the world.

You too can hop on board and automate your e-commerce business for faster growth.

7. SkuVault


Let’s end this list with SkuVault – another great option for retailers looking for a robust inventory management tool that integrates with all the major e-commerce marketplaces, including Amazon.

The e-commerce inventory management software is designed to give you accurate data about your inventory whether you’re primarily an Amazon seller or sell across multiple channels.

Like any comprehensive inventory management tool, SkuVault comes with plenty of features, including the Amazon FBA inventory management feature. Others include:

  • Supply chain: Helps you manage suppliers, forecast inventory, and more.
  • Inventory management reporting: Gives you access to advanced analytics, re-ordering, replenishment report, and more.
  • E-commerce inventory management: Get real-time data syncs, cycle counting, barcoding, and quantity buffer features.

In addition to these, SkuVault offers training and support, customer service, and onboarding packages.

While the software has a wide range of features, it is surprisingly very easy to use. It offers simple workflows and has an intuitive interface for improved user experience.

SkuVault is an excellent inventory management software solution for e-commerce businesses looking to sell faster, pick faster, and ship faster.


Lets not forget the usual suspects:


You can scale your e-commerce business very rapidly by choosing an automated inventory tool over manual methods. This is no cop-out by any means. Running out of stock in Amazon can lead to a drop in rankings and loss of profit.

Instead, you are doing your business a world of good!

Regardless of how great your products are, you’re not likely to have much success in your e-commerce business if you fail at managing your inventory.

That’s why it is crucial to opt for the best Amazon inventory management software you can find.

Thankfully, now you know where to look.

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