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Freedom Builder Bootcamp review

Freedom Builder Bootcamp Review

Table of Contents

We understand your excitement and ambition to start your Amazon hustle, but the world of online courses is not always sunshine and rainbows. There are thousands of fake experts waiting for your confirmation message to scam you into purchasing their Amazon FBA courses. Therefore, to save you the trouble of getting duped, we decided to review the Freedom Builder Bootcamp. To make this review completely unbiased and accurate, we have thoroughly researched and scrutinized the entire program down to its nitty-gritty.

Who is behind it?

The Freedom Builder Bootcamp is created by a very seasoned Amazon seller called Greg Mercer. This Amazon course is one of the most significant projects that the creator has spent time making. Apart from the program, Greg also put his years’ worth of knowledge into designing and creating an Amazon product research tool popularly called Jungle Scout. Jungle Scout is now one of the most sought-after tools for making important decisions related to listing and product purchasing. When it comes to listing and selling private label products on Amazon, Greg’s name comes amongst the top players in the business. Indeed, we can say that his extensive knowledge in the field helped him create a comprehensive Bootcamp program for other newbie sellers.

Greg Mercer Story

The CEO of Jungle Scout started his journey from a very young age. His thirst for earning grew stronger as he took on simple little side hustles during his early years. Greg mainly dedicated his college time to learning civil engineering. After his graduation, he got his first break as a corporate civil engineer at a firm in Florida. This newly graduated then started gaining interest in the Amazon business, and soon Greg was working as an engineer by the day and as a budding entrepreneur by night. He spent most of his evenings studying and researching wholesale products that could work on Amazon. He meticulously studied the market and its possible opportunities that could help him become a successful seller. Greg got his first sale in 2013 and kept practicing the art of selling. Soon he got the idea of creating an extension that displayed all the Amazon listing details. He finally launched the Jungle Scout extension in 2015. With years of work and dedication, his platform started including other information and features specifically targeted towards Amazon and its sellers. In the later years, his Youtube platform gained some strong traction, which led him to create more informative content. Finally, he launched his Freedom Builder Bootcamp, containing all the practical knowledge he grasped throughout his journey.

Introduction to the training program

This Freedom Builder Bootcamp program is an incredibly packed course, perfect for all Amazon sellers. The program, however, is more beneficial for new Amazon sellers who wish to learn the basics of selling. New sellers can gain tremendous insight into the world of FBA selling. This course contains over 30 plus hours of valuable video classes along with several easy-to-use content PDFs. The program features content related to private label selling. Even seasoned sellers can gain quite insightful knowledge of the latest trends and ideas from this Bootcamp program.

Jungle Scout Bootcamp Training

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How much is Freedom Builder Bootcamp?

The Freedom Builder Bootcamp costs $999. By looking at the price range, we can easily say that this program is not the cheapest one on the market. However, the market is filled with even more expensive Amazon courses that cost twice or thrice much. Thus, in comparison, we can say that the program has a decent price range considering the creator’s content and background. On top of that, the program also includes various freebies that make $999 justifiable. Greg Mercer also has a fair 14 days no questions asked money-back policy. Looking at all these factors, the price of the program seems appropriate.

Jungle Scout Freedom Builder Bootcamp

What do you get from it?

Now that you are pretty informed of this program’s basic concept and price let’s jump to find out the contents in detail. This solid program has ten modules that explain and teach ten necessary steps of Amazon selling in great depth. The program also covers various bonus resources and sessions.

The breakdown of Freedom Builder Bootcamp:

Module 1- Getting started with the Amazon FBA Business Model

This introduction module talks about the overall program in brief. The module introduces you to the detailed process of Amazon FBA. The module also asks the students to note various Amazon technical terms that are often used in selling. You will also learn to use the Jungle Scout extension. Students will also understand the product database search process in this first module.

Module 2- Product research

The second module teaches about the process of selecting the most profitable niche. You will learn various techniques using tools like keyword scout to identify whether the selected product and niche are a hit or a dud. You will be asked to properly evaluate all the product ideas while staying away from highly saturated niches. The module also teaches to study competitor’s products and ways to make your listing better than theirs. Greg also pays attention to the negative reviews that will come in handy to win new customers. 

Module 3- Sourcing

The sourcing module is important because it teaches the sellers everything they need to know about sourcing. The module talks about getting a hold of your competitor’s suppliers and learning the process of negotiating. The course also teaches you to create bonds with the suppliers for excellent profitable business deals. The program shows various unique ways to approach suppliers but what sets the program apart is their additional feature of involving the Jungle Scout’s Supplier Database in their curriculum. Greg demonstrates the use of their supplier base for a quicker and effortless sourcing practice.

Module 4- Shipping Module

The module covers every big little thing that a seller should know about the shipping process. You will learn about the Amazon fulfillment center, its rates, and its usual storing process. Sellers will understand how freight forwarding works along with Greg’s shipping checklist. The main important star point of this module is learning about managing the inventory. He teaches you ways to minimize your shipping costs, long-term storage costs while still keeping a healthy supply and flow of products.

Module 5- Listing creation

Listing creation deals with the entire process of creating a perfect listing that is SEO-proof. Greg will teach you ways to hack Amazon’s A9 algorithm for a better place in a search result. The module also showcases his seven-step plan for a powerful listing with a great click-through rate. It also covers the importance of good product images.

Module 6- Product launch

The program’s sixth module talks about all the necessary steps for the perfect product launch. Since getting organic sales growth is essential, the unit teaches various ways to achieve it. Greg also shows the methods of getting the #1 New Released badge on your product listing. The rest of the module talks about Jungle Scout’s email campaign and promotions features and how to utilize them for a fully optimized listing.

Module 7- PPC advertising

Organic traffic and sales are essential, but this module teaches you about Amazon PPC campaigns and advertising your product to get more sales. It also introduces the method of placing ads at the most top to get more sales momentum. Since most buyers don’t notice the difference between searched and sponsored products, sellers always have an excellent opportunity to get sales through sponsored posts. This unit, therefore, demonstrates everything about PPC advertising in detail.

Module 8- Amazon brand registry

Private label sellers must protect their brands from stealers and hijackers. This module teaches you the entire step-by-step process of Amazon’s Brand Registry process. Every private brand seller needs to get this done to keep their products and brands safe from any future infringements.

Module 9- Scaling your online business

Now that you have got the ball rolling, Greg wants you to look at the necessary steps to scaling your Amazon business. He gives you a detailed rundown of multiplying your products and launching more labels for increased profit. The module also demonstrates the methods of establishing an automated process to increase the speed and efficiency of your operation.

Module 10- Advanced seller strategies

The final module teaches the sellers about different strategies to gain more sales. Practicing the lead magnets approach is one of his trusted and most go-to strategies. He also shows how to add back-end sales funnel for more profits and conversions.

Freedom Builder Bootcamp by Jungle Scout

Bonus – Freedom Builder Bootcamp Pros

Greg includes a package of valuable bonuses along with the Freedom Builder Bootcamp. The bonus package includes:

  • Monthly coaching sessions and tutorials (LIVE video)
  • Free subscription of Jungle Scout + extension for a year
  • Detailed Amazon seller action plan
  • Priority onboarding for private sessions
  • Ebook of 2020 product trends
  • Access to Freedom Builder community
  • Amazon listing feedback

More perks

  • Unconditional 14-days money-back guarantee.

Where does this program stand in comparison with its competitors?

There are hundreds of digital courses that are readily available for any Amazon seller. One such program is the Amazing Selling Machine. This course has some of the most comprehensive and detailed knowledge about the process of selling. Just like Freedom Builder Bootcamp, this program also focuses on private-label branding. The creators of this program, Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback, give a 30 days refund policy. The course, however, is in a higher price range and costs $4,997 or $997 (six payments). A comparatively affordable option is the Freedom Ticket that comes free with the higher tier Helium 10 plans (Diamond and above).

The competitors are doing almost everything to settle themselves as the masters of Amazon selling. However, Freedom Builder Bootcamp gives all the other courses a tough competition with detailed coaching and attentive support. Looking at its competitors, Freedom Builder Bootcamp offers an excellent selection of topics that both new and seasoned sellers can use. We can all agree that price range is one of the most significant factors influencing a buyer’s decision. But Greg’s program strikes a sweet balance of affordability and premium content by a credible person.

Is it worth it?

Looking at the entire course and Greg’s empire, it is safe to say that the program is legitimate. He can indeed help you teach the ropes of the trade. His Jungle Scout website adds a level of credibility to the whole course. The program gives an excellent introduction to new topics but highly lacks advanced-level content. If you are a new seller, we guarantee that you will learn a lot more than you intended to at the end of the course. But if you are a seasoned seller, we recommend searching for another program to learn the advanced strategies. 

Two things to remember before you start with the Jungle Scout course

  • FBA requires a vast upfront cost. Only people willing to shell out $15-20k at the start should join the course. Apart from the inventory and shipping cost, you have to pay for the PPC advertising and other services. These expenses can indeed add up to a considerable number in no time. 
  • Amazon FBA is a tricky business model, especially for people who are newcomers. You need to focus and spend a considerable chunk of your time understanding the functions in detail. The model is not the most suited for people looking for passive income sources that require minimum effort and investment. If you decide to go on, ensure that you are fully committed to the art of selling on Amazon.


We hope our detailed review of the Freedom Builder Bootcamp solved all your doubts and skepticism. We highly recommend this program for sellers who wish to dive down the path of private label. Newbie sellers will undoubtedly learn quite a lot from the program. If you feel the program did not work, their 14 days money-back guarantee can be a great feature to back out without losing your money. Lastly, the program will simultaneously teach you to operate and use Jungle Scout’s exclusive programs. These programs and services will genuinely improve your listing quality and sales in no time!

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The ultimate resource for all things Amazon FBA. learn the tips and tricks to success as an Amazon seller or retail ads marketer from our team of experts

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Infinite FBA
The ultimate resource for all things Amazon FBA. learn the tips and tricks to success as an Amazon seller or retail ads marketer from our team of experts
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