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Keepa Vs Helium 10 – Amazon Sellers Comparison

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This article puts Keepa up against Helium 10. We’ll look at a review of both tools, their pros and cons; we compare their ease of use, customer support, pricing, and much more.

One thing is, however, sure, both tools are great. But let’s find out more, beginning with Keepa.

What is Keepa

What is Keepa

Simply put, Keepa is a tool that provides Amazon sellers with timely and updated product sales data.

When sourcing products on Amazon, you would be lost without the right tools. Manual sourcing would give you some results, but you would never get accurate data.

Keepa would not only make your search easier, but it would also give you the most accurate results and price history, including the sales rank tracker.

When it comes to tracking products and watching prices, Keepa is one of the most famous tools available for Amazon sellers.

Keepa is a tool that provides and it allows for information that offers great deals. With Keepa, you can easily see the products selling fast and those that are not. As a seller, this is precious information.

Keepa is an extension that is compatible with virtually every type of browser.

With Keepa, you also have access to the price history of products, and the sales are ranked accordingly.

You can request any information live and be supplied the up-to-date information on data like pricing, availability, price history, sales rank, offers count, and even the review history of any products on Amazon.

With Keepa, you have information on anything at your disposal. What you do with that information is up to you!

Keepa helps you to access information that allows you to make informed decisions. You also know the sales rank and history of products. That way, you can price your goods better and compete favorably in the market.

The product has three main features which allow you to track prices in up to 10 different local currencies.

They are the ability to help you find the best deals possible, track other products under various criteria, and supply you with unlimited data on every product.

These data are invaluable in helping you find any product you want to add to your tracklist, view any product, access a list of the best-selling products per time, sort them category by category, and so much more.

Keepa has so much data to offer you that you may be easily overwhelmed. It ensures that the data is always very readable and sorts all the information into different categories to solve this problem.

You can export all the data accessible on Keepa and use it however you deem fit.


  • Keepa is incredibly easy to use
  • Keepa provides all the data on any product on Amazon
  • Keepa is perfectly compatible with every website
  • All the data on Keepa can be exported and used for any other purpose
  • Every data is supported by graphics and analytics
  • Keepa is extremely affordable
  • Keepa has a free version, although it has fewer features


  • Keepa graphs are quite overwhelming
  • It is a bit difficult to navigate the tool
  • It has too much information that may confuse a beginner.

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What is Helium 10

What is Helium 10

There’s one thing you’ll hear from those who use Helium 10. They say it’s only for those who want to make a lot of money selling on Amazon. And they’re right.

That’s because hardly anyone makes millions selling on Amazon who doesn’t use Helium 10. So if you’re not interested in taking your Amazon selling business seriously, you may look away.

Unlike every other efficient tool in just one thing, Helium 10 is pretty helpful in almost everything.

If you’re a seller on Amazon, you may not be able to rely on just one tool, but Helium 10 has got you covered.

Helium 10 is useful for keyword research, trend research, listings optimization, competitor analysis, SEO,  PPC management, and Inventory management.

Other tasks you can carry out with Helium 10 include product validation, landing pages, sales analytics, and email automation.

Imagine not having Helium 10 and wanting to compete with the big-time sellers on Amazon.

Those who want to try Helium 10 for the first time have the opportunity to try it out for thirty days free of charge before making up their mind about whether to pay.

If you don’t want to get overwhelmed with the volume of tools at your disposal (because they are many), you can commence with the starter plans.

Let’s break it down a bit. However, we can only summarize because there’s too much to cover under Helium 10.

With this tool, you can easily find trending products in any niche of your choice, get supplies of any product from validated suppliers, build optimized listings, and, most importantly, know what your competitors are doing and improve on them.

With Helium 10, you can also create landing pages targeted at your specific audience.

If you need an idea of what to sell, Helium 10 also provides accurate data that can help you know what exactly you should be putting your money on.

With excellent analytics, Helium 10 would keep you duly informed of the proper steps.

Also, Helium 10 offers professional services such as sales management, inventory protection, and business analysis.

That’s why Helium 10 is referred to as the ultimate Amazon growth and management tool. What’s more? Every data you need is accessible on a very interactive dashboard.

Some of the tools of Helium 10, like Black Box, Cerebro, Magnet, and Scribbles, are exclusive to the platform and can’t be found elsewhere. They all come with different packages on the platform.


  • Helium 10 is probably the only truly All-in-one platform for Amazon sellers.
  • It provides management and growth tools.
  • Helium 10 has free and starter plans for beginners
  • Helium 10 has exclusive tools like Cerebro, an excellent product research tool.
  • Helium 10 provides regular training by the experts and professionals
  • Helium 10 offers excellent customer service
  • Helium 10 has flexible pricing plans


  • The tool is a bit expensive, although that is understandable for the sheer number of tools.
  • It doesn’t have any database for suppliers
  • Helium 10 is challenging to use for beginners



While Helium 10 offers a lot of different functions and comes with various tools for other purposes, Keepa is excellent for tracking Amazon prices.

That means Helium 10 is perfect for big-time sellers who need data and business ideas for successful competition.

That doesn’t mean you can succeed with Keepa, but the tool is preferable for those who need something they can easily manage.

Because it lacks most of the tools that Helium 10 has, it is limited but still important..


Keepa provides features such as Graphs that explain the price history of every product.

It also provides details on item availability and gives live alerts on price changes and international price comparisons.

Keepa also provides a price history graph on product pages of all Amazon products once you install the browser extension.

You can also use Keepa to compare the prices of different products at once. Also, you can get daily deals.

Helium 10 is regarded as the most balanced Amazon selling tool that helps the seller from the point of selecting a product to analyze your sales, monitor your competitors, develop a perfect marketing strategy, and manage your store.

When you use Helium 10, you eliminate guesswork and grow your business with accurate data. For example, Helium 10’s X-ray analysis feature is used to analyze one product or a range of products.

The comprehensive analysis calculates the product’s total revenue, average price, number of sales in the last month, and number of reviews.

Only such detailed information can aid correct decision-making.

The other tools you have access to on Helium 10 include Blackbox, a niche research tool; Cerebro, a reverse ASIN lookup tool that tells you everything you need to know about a product’s viability on Amazon; Magnet, a keyword research tool for with the largest database of relevant keywords on the Amazon market; Frankenstein; which modifies your keywords; and

Scribbles, which helps sellers to ensure that their listings are perfectly optimized.

You also have access to monthly training, in-person workshops, and Facebook group access with a Helium 10 subscription.

Ease of use

Helium 10 may have many tools, but it is not very complicated to use.

Keepa is a more straightforward tool to use because it has limited applications. It also has a very simplified dashboard. Both are easy to use, but Keepa is easier.


Keepa is so affordable that it is almost free. You can install it for free but won’t access all the features. You’ll need to pay around $20 per month to do so.

That’s still fair, considering what you stand to gain. You will not use Keepa without saving more than the amount you spend on a subscription.

Helium 10, meanwhile, has six pricing plans:

  • The free plan
  • Pay as you use plan
  • Starter plan: $37 per month
  • Platinum plan: $97 per month
  • Diamond Plan: $197 per month
  • Elite plan: $397 per month

Helium 10 plans vary in the number of tools the subscribers can access and the number of times the tools can be accessed.

However, the free plan lasts only for 30 days, and the pay-as-you-use plan depends on how often it is used.

Obviously, Helium 10 is more expensive, but with the tools available, it is a bargain. Its pricing flexibility is also a plus.

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Customer support

Keepa has an active customer support and can also be contacted online and by mail. Most requests are responded to in less than 48 hours.

Helium 10 also has an active customer support system and can be contacted online and by phone. Helium responds to messages almost immediately, and customer reviews suggest there is satisfaction with the service.


What is Helium 10

What can we say?

 Helium 10 is a comprehensive package that provides multiple solutions to different problems.

It is, however, quite complicated but has an easy-to-use interface and an interactive dashboard. Amazon sellers who want to succeed exceptionally would need it.

Keepa, on the other hand, is more straightforward and helps provide analytics about products to make research more accessible.

That’s mostly what many people need to sell successfully on Amazon, so it is sufficient. But in terms of service delivery and customer support, there’s very little to separate the two.

However, Keepa shouldn’t be ashamed of losing in a Keepa Vs. Helium 10 Matchup. Helium 10 not only has far more resources, but it is also more comprehensive and is designed to achieve much more.

So, if you have the means, we recommend you go for Helium 10, which is what all the most significant sellers use. However, if you start with Keepa, you won’t lose out on much as well.


Both products have free packages, so it will cost you nothing if you want to try out the comparison yourself. Also, both products are well recommended, so you won’t regret trying them out.

However, if we would be honest, Keepa vs. Helium 10 would always produce one winner, and that winner isn’t Keepa.

However, our review has shown that you can still achieve so much with the Keepa tool, as it has excellent resources to improve your sales on Amazon.

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