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KeyworX Review: Amazon Keyword Rank Tracker

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If you’re an Amazon seller, you know that this hustle requires more than simply listing products and getting ASINs. You need to use search terms to attract your target audience to your products and boost your Amazon rank. Otherwise, you’ll never have any customers. 

If you sell products on Amazon, then you need to know about keyword trackers, like KeyworX. In this KeyworX review, we’ll share how this Amazon keyword tracking tool could help you attract customers with organic keywords.

Why Would I Want to Use an Amazon Keyword Tracker?

keyworx review

If you can optimize your products for the keywords that your target audience will be searching for, you will increase the chance of interested buyers becoming customers. If your goods do not appear in a potential customer’s search results, then your target audience will never find your products. 

However, you want to focus on enhancing your organic keyword rankings to generate a passive income on Amazon. When you ignore an organic keyword, your sales will fall as soon as you stop running active advertising and marketing campaigns like PPC. 

If you want to see long-term, sustainable success, then the organic rankings must be the focus of your strategy. Tracking keywords on Amazon is one of the best ways to boost sales on this platform. Put what your potential customers already search for to work with the help of Amazon keyword tracking tools.

What is KeyworX?

KeyworX is an Amazon seller tracking tool that specializes in organic keyword rankings. It will allow you to see the top 20 ranking products for a particular keyword. Then, you can name each product you would like to track. You can also enter the ASIN for your product and what keywords you would like it to rank for.

Once you have gone through this fundamental process, KeyworX will inform you if your rank or the ranks of your top 20 competitors changes. It will also alert you if a competitor drops out of the top 20 or if a new competitor joins the ranks. 

Overall, this tool helps you stay on top of the organic keyword rankings that are most important to you.

This rank tracking is invaluable because it lets you know how you stack up against your competing Amazon sellers. If a particular competitor consistently boasts an exceptional Amazon ranking, you can look at what they are doing to see if you should emulate their tactics. Understanding your competition is one of the best ways to make informed choices that will boost your organic rankings.

You will also know if any changes you are making to your product listing are working. The information KeyworX provides takes the guesswork out of working as an Amazon seller and will help you see your Amazon rank in minutes.

Features of KeyworX Review

  • The ability to track 1,000s of ASIN without needing to be on Amazon
  • The ability to track any product on Amazon
  • Tracking of the top 320 products for each keyword
  • Data storage for 30 days
  • Keyword recommendations that will help you find the best keywords to raise your profits
  • Video tutorials and blog posts complete with case studies on the KeyworX website

Most who review KeyworX are impressed by its wide array of features available in a straightforward software with a menu that is easy to use. The services KeyworX provides will help even novice Amazon sellers to achieve high profits.

How Much Does KeyworX Cost?

KeyworX features five different pricing levels so that you can get the perfect fit for your Amazon business. Reviews are unanimous in saying that KeyworX provides a pricing plan for everyone, with prices as low as $1 per day. No matter the scale of your company, KeyworX is something you can use to get to the next level.

Before you commit to any of these levels, you can get a feel for the system with a 20-day free trial. You are free to cancel your subscription at any time because there are no contracts.

If, after reading reviews, none of the five pricing options below suits your needs, you may contact KeyworX to see if they may be able to develop a custom plan for your Amazon business.

keyworx review


At $27 per month, this level is perfect for a small company that is just getting started. This level would all you to track 200 keywords. Reviews say that this level is great for enterprises that are just beginning and have small operations.


The Basic level costs $47 per month and allows you to track 500 keywords.


The Standard level is the most popular offering from this Amazon SEO platform, and it allows users to track 1,000 keywords costing $97 per month. Most reviews state that a majority of users are quite satisfied with the offerings provided at this level.


The Pro level costs $197 but allows users to track 2,500 keywords.


Finally, the last pricing level that KeyworX offers is the Expert. This level costs $297 per month and allows 5,000 keywords to be tracked. Reviews say that for most sellers, this level provides more than enough keyword tracking capabilities.


  • Immediate notification of changes so you can always stay up to date with what is going on
  • Easy to use interface coupled with helpful operation videos and blogs. 
  • Case studies located conveniently on the KeyworX website to help you get the most out the platform
  • Flexible pricing to fit a variety of budgets that is cheaper than many other Amazon keyword rank platforms
  • No contracts
  • Operates from the browser so you can sign in to your account with your email to access the Amazon SEO tool from anywhere. On-the-go rank tracking will help you to make smart choices about your Amazon business no matter where you are.


  • It is not a comprehensive tool. If you want to do more work with Amazon SEO than just organic keyword rankings, then you will need to invest in other platforms. For example, tools like negative review alerts and hijack alerts are not available through KeyworX.


KeyworX is not a comprehensive tool. However, after writing this review, we’ve decided it has merit and value to Amazon sellers. It is one of the best platforms on the market for tracking organic keyword rankings and helping Amazon sellers grow their businesses. Harnessing the power of the consumer keyword search just like Zonkeywords does, with the help of KeyworX will do wonders for your business.

If you want to hear from more users, you can go to the KeyworX website to see reviews and testimonials. All reviews point in a positive direction, and for a good reason: this tool helped them get products in front of customers.

Every Amazon seller must consider KeyworX if they want to make a profit on Amazon. Nearly 2,000 people use KeyworX, and the number continues to grow. 

Start your free trial today to see how KeyworX can work for you.

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