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Proven Amazon Course review

Proven Amazon Course Review

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If you’re here, you’re probably looking for the best course to help you jumpstart your Amazon eCommerce business.

Or maybe you’ve already done that but aren’t seeing the profits you desire.

Well, my friend, you’ve come to the right place.

Here is the Proven Amazon Course review, aka PAC a top-performing Amazon FBA course.

So strap in and get ready to read our honest opinion below!

Proven Amazon Course | Quick Review Summary

Our full review provides the most in-depth information about the Proven Amazon Course, but not everyone has time for that! So here’s the low down.

Proven Amazon Course review


  • Cheap ($29/month of $499 lifetime access)
  • Great for beginners, intermediate sellers, and international folks
  • Access to live events and webinars (both upcoming and pre-recorded)
  • Hundreds of tutorials (video, PDF, etc.)
  • Good support team
  • Active online Facebook community
  • No one-on-one or group coaching
  • Website takes getting used to

The Proven Amazon Course is a set of training videos, tutorials, PDFs, eBooks, etc. – all served on a $29 per month silver platter.

It gives great insight on important Amazon seller information like sourcing wholesale, online arbitrage, and even super beginner things like setting up your seller account.

But you’ll have to get used to the clunk website navigation before getting into all that!

To summarize our summary: the Proven Amazon Course is an exceptional product that provides you with about everything you’ll need to begin a successful Amazon FBA business.

What is this course? And is it for me?

The Proven Amazon Course is a program that assists new sellers in starting a legitimate business via Amazon FBA.

It’s overflowing with training materials to aid starry-eyed entrepreneurs and struggling sellers.

It gives you both the tools and knowledge needed to make your Amazon business take off.

Truly anyone can benefit from the strategies taught in the program. Lessons include outsourcing, arbitrage, dropshipping, flipping, and international FBA – just to name a few. Additionally, it teaches the numbers side of things, like taxes and accounting.

Jim Cockrum – an avid entrepreneur and a top Amazon seller – founded the Proven Amazon Course in 2009.

In its years on the market, the course has produced countless success stories for Amazon sellers worldwide.

Proven Amazon Course review - Success Stories

The Proven Amazon Course Review| A Closer Look

Jim Cockrum’s Proven Amazon Course is chop full of resources.

So much so that we’re going to give a huge breakdown of the most vital courses in our Proven Amazon Course review.

Category Organization

No matter what kind of Amazon online business you’re going for, there’s a course for you in Cockrum’s Proven Amazon Course library.

When you access the dashboard, you’ll find courses sorts into a neat list of categories:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Arbitrage: Low Budget Sourcing
  3. Advanced: Long-Term Strategies
  4. Business Building
  5. International Sellers
  6. Merch by Amazon
  7. Support & Resources
  8. Live Events
  9. Webinars & Workshops

The All PAC 2.0 Courses button will give a full list of the Amazon Proven courses.

This is just the overarching umbrella of what Jim Cockrum has in store with the Proven Amazon Course (PAC). Clicking on any of these topics will then display the modules that particular topic covers.

It certainly is a lot to take in. The website organization isn’t…the best. But the content is, and that counts for more. Besides, once you get used to it, the webpage becomes much simpler to navigate.

Proven Amazon Course review

Now, let’s break down a few of these categories, shall we?

Getting Started

Summary: Getting Started includes 60 lessons from a range of knowledgeable speakers.

You’re given plenty of vital introductory information, like creating an Amazon account and sourcing products, all of which lay the groundwork for starting your online business.

Even seasoned Amazon sells can benefit from these 8 PAC courses!

Check out the courses:

  • Amazon Selling 101 – A step-by-step guide is broken into five modules. It gives new sellers info on how to get started immediately, avoid profit loss, and how to make your store profitable.
  • Amazon Basics – After the 2 modules here, you’ll know how to set up your Amazon seller account and manage your inventory.
  • Silent Sales Machine – A PAC course about generating multiple income streams.
  • Online Sourcing Strategies – This mini PAC course is all about online arbitrage, giving you several strategies for conducting your Amazon business.
  • Buy Local, Sell to The World – Yard sales, thrift shops, auctions – oh my! The 9 modules here will teach what you should source in your area and what to avoid.
  • Proven Performance Inventory 2.0 – Why indulge in guesswork when you could simply know things right off the bat? These 11 modules teach finding high-margin products with low competition, allowing you to sell right away.
  • Proven Wholesale Sourcing – Proven AmazonAfter 9 modules, you’ll learn about building a profitable Amazon FBA business via 24 strategies for wholesale sourcing.
  • Proven Private Label 2.0 – A successful Amazon business requires building a brand. These 9 modules will walk you through starting your private label product – from discovery to launch.

Arbitrage: Low Budget Sourcing

Summary: This category is all about arbitrage on a tight wallet. You’ll learn strategies for product sourcing at a low cost but selling them for profit on Amazon.

This category includes the following courses:

  • PAC for International Students – International AZ 2.0: In 7 modules, this course teaches international sellers how to target the American market.
  • Proven Q4 Plan – One easy module that gives “over-the-shoulder” sourcing suggestions.
  • RA Replenish – These 8 modules teach how to locate replenishable products for Amazon selling.
  • Amazon Selling 101 – This course is back! Mostly because it contains arbitrage information.
  • Source. Expand. Automate – These 8 modules cover Online Arbitrage, Seasonal Sourcing, Retail Arbitrage, international expansion, and more.
  • Proven Book Sourcing – Learn how to start an offline book sourcing business in just 10 modules.
  • Product Sourcing MasterClass – This is an in-depth lesson about exclusive drop-shipping, online arbitrage, eBay motors, buyout offers, local sourcing, and more. The 12 modules here pretty much cover everything.
  • Proven Online Sourcing Strategies – Learn about online arbitrage from the inside out and discover various strategies on online product sourcing.
  • Buy Local, Sell to the World – This course also appears in the Get Started section. It gives tips on sourcing from local places, like an estate or yard sale.

Advanced: Long Term Strategies

Summary: This category provides 50 training videos and a few downloadable PDFs.

A few courses repeat from the above categories, but only because they’re relevant. In the Advanced section, you’ll revisit replenishable and private labeling.

But you’ll also have quite a few new modules to discover, like finding high-margin products, sourcing from China, and even one about selling coffee!

  • RA Replenish Course – These 8 modules are also available in the low-budget category.
  • Proven China Sourcing – An easy 2 modules regarding importing products to sell on Amazon from China. You’ll have access to decades of experience.
  • Promotional Company Sourcing – The 3 promotional company sourcing modules give insight on how promotional companies are perfect for product ideas. Plus, you’ll learn how to launch for a low cost.
  • Proven Performance Inventory 2.0 – Learn from Brett Bartlett’s technique on finding high margin/low competition items to sell in your Amazon store.
  • Proven Wholesale Sourcing – Get the scoop on wholesale sourcing – from what it is, how to find wholesalers, and how to turn them into legitimate connections. This Amazon FBA business course is 9 modules.
  • Proven Private Label 2.0 – This course repeats from the Getting Started section. It’s not a mistake – it’s for emphasis. Private label products will help build your brand.
  • Coffee Masterclass – Yes, this is literally about coffee. Well, about coffee selling on Amazon. In 6 modules, learn all you need to know about being a java seller.

Business Building

Summary: The are two short courses in this category, focusing more on the numbers and people side of your business.

  • Accounting Training – The 4 modules here are all about teaching proper accounting practices to maximize your business profits. You’ll know the tools and processes that garner the most money. Maybe accounting is a little boring, but this is a vital course – especially if you’re not a numbers person.
  • Team Building – As your business booms, you’ll have to identify any bottlenecks preventing more growth. If you’re still solo, this probably isn’t something you’re thinking about. But as you build a team, you’ll need the strategies available in this course’s modules.

International Sellers

Summary: The courses included here are repeats from a few of the above.

They’re put together, so those outside the United States have easy access to selling on Amazon internationally.

The Proven courses here include:

  • International AZ
  • International AZ 2.0
  • Proven Wholesale Sourcing
  • Online Sourcing Strategies

Proven Merch by Amazon

These courses are all taught through download PDFs.

It walks you through using the Merch by Amazon platform, teaching optimization, and creative mastery.

This course contains 3 modules covering trademarks, Amazon Prime, using the dashboard, uploading merch, and mastering the templates.

Additional resources include:

  • Brand usage guidelines
  • Online photoshop resources
  • Keyword tools
  • Page creation guidelines

Support & Resources

Get access to three courses in this section.

You can find information from getting estimated sales data, navigating Seller Central, and even ongoing webinars.

The content here is as follows:

  • Tools & Services – This will teach you about Amazon’s estimated sales velocity, a chart displaying an estimate regarding the amount you can sell based on specific data. It also teaches about Fulfilment services, and you’ll receive a list of apps, tools, & services endorsed by Jim Cockrum and the Proven Amazon Course.
  • Amazon Basics – Literally all about the Amazon basics! You’ll learn setting up an Amazon account, how to sell as an individual or professional, and the Seller Central dashboard. It’s all condensed in an easy-to-follow video guide.
  • Ongoing Support – This is a robust collection of ongoing webinars about topics like “where do I start,” “shortest path to success,” “ask the experts,” etc.

Live Events

This category gives you access to every live and pre-recorded Proven Live Events. And not just the recent posts, either! You can watch everything.

You’ll hear from the PAC creator himself, Jim Cockrum. But you’ll also learn from seasoned entrepreneurs and business owners like Brett Bartlett, Brenda Crimi, Nathan Bailey, Jeff Cohen, Jenny Hunt, Nathan Bailey, and Rabbi Daniel Lapin.

You’ll have the option to watch straight from the website or download for later viewing.

The live events are lengthy, and there is…a whole lot of them. The good news is they’re all additional training that is there to help you make money.

A few topics include:

  • Amazon Advertising Strategies
  • Proven Product Partnering
  • Kindle Direct Publishing
  • What is Dynasty Building?
  • 7 Ways to Make $$$ From Your Passion

Webinars & Workshops

This section is a bit of an oddity. It only includes the Ongoing Support course, which can be found in Section 6.

Maybe more will premier in the future? But for now, that’s all she wrote!

Proven Bundling

That’s right! Even outside the sections listed, additional Proven Amazon Course courses are available (try saying that three times fast!)

Jim Cockrum truly covered all your bases.

The Proven Bundling course is so expansive, so we decided it deserves its own section.

The course details the creation of the best-selling product bundles that your competitors can’t easily replicate.

If you’re gonna compete with low-priced sellers, this will give you the edge you need.

The 14 videos in this course cover:

  • Introduction video
  • Bundle examples
  • Images of bundles
  • What Makes a Good Bundle?
  • Listing creation
  • Replenishing
  • Reviews
  • Basics of bundling
  • Guidelines for bundling
  • Calculating profitability
  • Researching products
  • Tips for if you still aren’t selling
  • How to run ads on Amazon products
  • Clarification (which is an eBook)

Customer & Community Support

Content and Amazon FBA courses are great, and all, but a truly great product is only as good as its support.

The Proven Amazon Course is backed by various support methods, which is a nice touch.

You can reach the team via:

  • Chat
  • Email
  • Facebook
  • Phone

Facebook Group

Still, stuck on a Proven Q4 Plan module? Or maybe you want to give your own tips about retail arbitrage.

No matter the case, the Proven Amazon Facebook group is the place to do it.

Amazon sellers who use PAC training are part of an active online community, where you can ask or answer questions and help sellers like yourself on their journey.

Refund Policy

Don’t like the Amazon FBA courses offered by PAC? Don’t sweat it.

Contact the support team within 30 days of purchase and receive a full refund.

Pros and Cons | Proven Amazon Course

What would our Proven Amazon Course review be without examining the pros and cons?

Before you jump on the PAC training, definitely weigh out the advantages and disadvantages.


  • Pricing: Unlike some other Amazon FBA training, you won’t have to burn money to access PAC. It’s super cost-friendly and cost-effective. More on that below!
  • Updated regularly: One major key to success is remaining up-to-date with the market. Thankfully, new training is added frequently with no additional cost.
  • Something for everyone: PAC has training that’ll benefit absolute beginners, intermediate players, and even international folks.
  • Community: The Facebook group is 60,000-strong and quite active. Every person there is invested in your success as much as their own.
  • Support staff: On top of a flourishing community, there’s also a great support team ready to review issues and see them resolved.
  • Money-back guarantee: If you end up not liking the Proven Amazon Course, that’s okay. You have 30 days to claim your refund – no questions asked!


  • Content is broad but occasionally lacks depth: Yes, PAC has a whole lot in store. However, you shouldn’t expect ultra-advanced tactics or sprawling growth strategies. But you definitely get more than enough to sell on Amazon.
  • Content overload: I’m sure you’re familiar with the phrase “too much of a good thing.” It can certainly feel that way with the Proven Amazon Course. There’s loads of helpful info, but some modules would benefit from trimming the fat.
  • No one-on-one or group coaching included: This is expected with the low price-point Amazon Proven Course goes for. Lots of sellers don’t require coaching anyways. If you’re an Amazon seller who does, someone from the PAC community coaching team may try to soft-sell their services to you.
  • Overwhelming web interface: In the beginning, it may take some time to find modules on private label products or promotional companies. The webpage is a little cluttered but has become better in recent years. You’ll get used to it quickly.

Proven Amazon Course Price

Proven Amazon Course Review - Pricing

The Proven Amazon Course has two pricing options:

  • $29 per month
  • One-time payment of $499 (lifetime access)

PAC is accessible even to those with hardly any money to spend. It’s definitely considered one of the most affordable training types around.

Proven Amazon Course Alternatives

  1. Freedom Ticket by Helium 10 and Kevin King
  2. AMS – Amazing Selling Machine
  3. Jungle Scout Academy
  4. Just One Dime – Seth Kniep

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Proven Amazon Course cost-effective?

The Proven Amazon Course is certainly worth its price.

If you’re afraid of commitment, the $29 per month option is perfect for getting your feet wet. But if you’re ready to go all-in, the $499 one-time payment is exceptionally priced as well!

Either way, you can almost guarantee you won’t find such an expansive course for such a low cost.

What is the best Amazon training course?

Amazon FBA courses are vital to Amazon sellers and successful business models. And in our honest opinion, the Proven Amazon Course is the number one option.

Does Proven Amazon Course offer coaching sessions?

PAC does not include either one-on-one or group coaching sessions. But at its current price, that’s expected.

Private or group coaching can cost upwards of $3,000.

PAC coaches may try to soft-sell their services via the Facebook page, but engaging with them is by no means a requirement for using PAC.

Do I need coaching to be a successful seller?

Short answer: no!

Longer answer: That depends on you as an individual. Not every entrepreneur is a total Type-A, self-starting, organized machine, and some people may benefit from a little bit of coaching.

If you’re unsure if you need a coach or not, you can try PAC out. If you think you need additional help, you’re entitled to a 30-day money-back guarantee.

What’s the best Amazon FBA Course 2023?

The Amazon Selling Machine is often regarded as one of the best course. And it is truly exceptional for any business model!

But the $5,000 price tag renders it pretty inaccessible to true beginners.

In our opinion, the Proven Amazon Course is the best and gives you the most bang for your buck. Plus, it’s updated quite frequently and you always have access to live events.

Is the Last Amazon Course legit?

Yes, the Last Amazon Course is a legitimate course with over 40 hours of content.

Review Verdict | Is Proven Amazon Course Worth It?

Proven Amazon Course is a top-rated Amazon FBA courses seller. It’s well-planned, and the content covers the wide umbrella of information necessary for running a successful store—all for a very reasonable cost.

The platform features multiple actionable strategies regarding product selection, sourcing, and selling. It also provides knowledge about the number-side of things, featuring a course about accounting.

As your team and business grow, you’ll find more advanced training modules that’ll help you there too.

The website itself will take some getting used to, as the interface doesn’t have the best layout, but this issue is easily overcome by spending time with Proven Amazon Course. And if there are any tech issues, the support team is standing by.

Setting up a business is no walk in the park. It requires loads of time and energy. Thankfully, with Proven Amazon Course, your struggles are supported.

Though you won’t receive one-on-one coaching sessions, there’s a whole community of users who have gone through what you have. Fellow sellers are quick to help in the Proven Amazon Facebook group.

So, if you want an affordable Amazon FBA course that teaches everything you need regarding selling on Amazon, then yes, Proven Amazon Course is most definitely worth it.

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