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Jungle Scout Vs Viral Launch review

Jungle Scout Vs Viral Launch – Which Amazon Research Tool Is Best

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Comparison of Jungle Scout and Viral Launch for Amazon FBA Sellers

Every Amazon merchant wants to relax while earning a good income. This can happen with nearly any online business. There are successful merchants on Amazon with exceptional businesses. All of these merchants have worked hard to get where they are. The first step toward success is evaluating the market. Generally, this involves product research software.

There are tools created to help merchants conduct accurate analysis to become successful. Two of the most well know product research tools are Jungle Scout and Viral Launch. By choosing the right tool, Amazon merchants substantially increase the chances of making large sums of money. The secret is selecting the right tool. In this review, I will compare the two tools mentioned above to help sellers decide.

Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch

The main concern of most Amazon merchants is the difference between Viral Launch and Jungle Scout. Both enable merchants to save valuable time by conducting market analysis. Prior to choosing the right tool, the merchant must determine what they want to gain. Some sellers have tremendous data requirements demanding extensive research, other merchants are just starting out, trying to make an affiliate or seller income.

When the popularity of Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch is considered, Jungle Scout is the winner. Jungle Scout is in the lead with 40,500 searches performed every month. Despite their popularity, both tools are similar. Jungle Scout is better known, due to the availability in 10 different countries. The keyword research tool is handy because merchants can determine if a specific product offers a good opportunity.

Jungle Scout Extension

On the other hand, Jungle Scout is only for conducting product research. Viral Launch provides merchants with advanced features to help determine the next product including percentage reviews, market intelligence and launching new products. The plans for Viral Launch are more expensive with no keyword research tool available. Jungle Scout offers merchants a refund policy for 14 days to enable merchants to try the software.

Jungle Scout provides merchants with a Chrome Extension available in a bundle or as an add on. The extension allows merchants to access profit projections, competitive data and sales estimates with one click in real-time while browsing search results or product pages. The Chrome Extension is important because Amazon merchants can:

• View listing details without the need to click on each individual product
• Conduct product research
• View sales estimates
• Remain informed on brand, rank, and price

Viral Launch provides the same extension in every package with no additional purchase required. The software also includes a monitoring tool for more active listing and a product discovery tool with more depth. The biggest differences between the two are the prices and features offered. Jungle Scout offers packages containing 10 different features including market research tools to help merchants establish growth.

Viral launch has nine features available to enable merchants to launch new products with the best chances of success for dominating different options in the current Amazon market. All of the above must be considered for an accurate comparison between Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch.

Jungle Scout Features and Benefits

The Jungle Scout software has been around for a while. Updates are consistent to provide the best possible service for consumers. The professional developers are always making updates to resources and tools for growth and improvement. All of the tools are created with Amazon merchants in mind for expansion and ultimate success. One of the most important tools is the Jungle Scout product database.

Jungle Scout Niche Hunter

The product database offers access to more than 70 million products right from the Amazon catalog. Merchants are able to view and organize ideas for new products by initiating a search query. Jungle Scout understands finding ideas for new products can be difficult. This is the reason merchants are offered a way to conduct product research.

Merchants can discover new products much easier with pre-set filters. This helps ensure all new product ideas are suitable for the business. Merchants can filter by categories including revenue, sales rank, and estimated sales. The tools enable merchants to filter products according to their specific requirements and needs. Jungle Scout also helps merchants streamline their businesses.

The software offers an in-app calculator for FBA profit. Merchants can track potential fees and overhead costs for much easier product management. The supplier database provides access to a database of global suppliers. Amazon merchants can evaluate different suppliers by looking at shipments and volume. This is extremely handy for merchants conducting research for specific products.

The merchant can get to know different suppliers, and conveniently match products to the factories available. The supplier database is also great for learning about niche products. Merchants can see which factories are manufacturing similar products. Merchants can save a lot of energy and time by searching by ASIN to locate suppliers in just a few seconds.

Supplier Database Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout provides a supplier tracker to enable merchants to manage supplier databases and remain organized. The merchant contacts the supplier and establishes an agreement. Once this has been done, the supplier tracker can be used for creating purchase orders. Another advantage of Jungle Scout is the product tracker. This unique tool enables the owners of FBA businesses to track product ideas over time.

The merchant establishes the desired period of time, then tracks the product revenue, sales and ranking. When a merchant is able to determine the metrics for ideas regarding potential products, it becomes possible to create an excellent strategy to achieve success. The product database extension enables the merchant to add products using the product extension and database.

The result is the merchant is able to make informed decisions, manage lists and remain both confident and organized. Another critical factor for every merchant is correctly tracking inventory. Any merchant concerned with inventory management can relax due to the inventory management tools. The merchant can make an accurate determination for how much stock is required in addition to the best dates for placing an order.

The merchant has access to inventory in real-time to immediately determine the inventory levels. From there, the merchant can easily figure out the amount of stock that needs to be ordered. The inventory manager predicts the best date to place an order and informs the merchant how much stock is necessary. The tool even provides merchants with the profit and cost when ordering certain stock.

Numerous additional advantageous tools are included with the inventory manager such as daily sales. These tools prevent Amazon merchants from ordering more than is necessary or from placing orders for stock that is not yet required. Jungle Scout has integrated a powerful data analysis tool right into the platform for the extension. The merchant can conduct seamless product research by looking at historical sales and estimates.

Merchants can then develop a much better business strategy and remain organized. One of the most comprehensive and effective benefits of Jungle Scout is the keyword research tool. The tool is called Keyword Scout, enabling merchants to use data pulls derived from Amazon customers. Merchants can make informed decisions by looking at the performance of specific keywords in the past.

The tool enables merchants to determine exactly what potential customers are looking for. This can be easily integrated by the merchant into their business strategy. There have been a lot of advancements made for Keyword Scout for the global market. The tool makes it possible to gear specific target keywords for regional markets. Keyword Scout offers data for the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, France, and Italy.

The design of Launch was exclusively targeted for the owners of Amazon FBA businesses to provide a better customer connection and increase revenue. Amazon merchants need to increase sales. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by improving the customer experience. Launch helps merchants increase sales by providing direct customer outreach through emails and additional promotional features.

Amazon sellers working with customers using email communication receive additional customer reviews leading to better customer satisfaction. When specific email processes including shipping updates and order confirmation are automated, customers are shown the merchant cares. The result is decreasing the potential of receiving any negative feedback.

One of the most innovative tools developed by the Jungle Scout team is a Chrome web browser extension. Merchants can use keywords to search for specific products on Amazon. The extension then provides the merchant with data regarding the product including statistics, sales data and current Google trends. The extension works best with Jungle Scout, it can be used by itself as well.

Another critical aspect of running a successful business on Amazon is being able to track sales. Jungle Scout provides merchants with a tool for sales analytics operating in real-time. The tool enables merchants to evaluate their strategies to substantially increase their earnings. Merchants can determine the amount of time when setting data to view metrics.

The merchant can increase profits by optimizing their business strategy using new insights. Merchants gain the ability to examine supplier details and the rates of product performance. Trial and error is an important concept for the successful growth of any Amazon business. The sales analytics feature enables merchants to decrease their risks because the times of peak sales are revealed.

Merchants will most likely notice specific promotions and sales offer better results at different times. Understanding this concept is an important part of developing a good business strategy. The integration offered by Jungle Scout is seamless. Merchants can launch and activate their extension by clicking just one button. The browser extension will show data for the page currently being viewed by the merchant.

The idea is to refine and improving browsing by using this specific approach. The opportunity score is a comprehensive and unique part of the extension tool. Not only can merchants select the ideal products for purchase to make the greatest profits, but they can also eliminate any products not suitable for the business. The opportunity score offers a rating based on a specific topic.

The rating encompasses the quality of the listing, competition, and demand to offer an accurate opportunity score for the merchant.

Jungle Scout Pricing

Jungle Scout pricing is determined by the volume and sales the merchant generated for the month. The fee is $49 for any month with 500 orders or less. The monthly fee for 501 to 2,000 orders is $69. The monthly charge for 2,001 to 5,000 orders is $99. The monthly fee is $199 for 5,001 to 10,000 orders. If the merchant exceeds 10,000 orders in any month, the charge is $399.

Jungle Scout Discount

Jungle Scout also offers the unique Chrome Extension tool. Merchants can determine comprehensive product details for any Amazon niche with a quick look. The merchant can then figure out if a specific niche or product is worth the time required to sell the product. Jungle Scout currently offers two different versions of the extension. Both versions provide Amazon merchants with different features and prices.

The versions are the Lite and the Pro. The Lite version for the Chrome extension is priced at $97 per year. This version provides monthly revenue and accuracy, review tracking, ongoing support, proven accuracy, and seller ranking. The most popular plan is the Chrome Extension Pro. The price is $197 per year. As opposed to the Lite version, the Pro offers merchants additional features.

The features included monthly revenue and sales, review tracking, ongoing support, profit calculator, fee estimator, sales data, proven accuracy, seller ranking, advanced integration for use with the web app, weight and dimension of items and opportunity score.

To learn more about Jungle Scout – read our complete review.

Viral Launch Features

The Amazon competitor tracking feature enables merchants to track their competitors. The tool is effective for viewing the related statistics for competitor’s products. Amazon SEO and product launches help merchants ensure their products will come up first when any search is conducted to improve both exposure and income. The feature explains the complex process of SEO to Amazon merchants in great detail.

Viral Launch Product Discovery

Once the merchant understands SEO, product aspects can be tweaked for the best possible success. Due to the desire of most Amazon merchants to learn more about using Viral Launch successfully, the software provides educational resources. The suite includes how-to guides, free calculator tools, and e-books. Merchants can use the Amazon product research feature to learn about all different types of businesses.

The merchant simply conducts a search for Amazon markets. The Amazon rate optimization and conversion rate feature provides merchants with materials for both photography and copyright. Viral Launch provides merchants with everything necessary to achieve brand success. The keyword tracking feature allows merchants to view the history of specific keywords.

The merchant can then determine the best keywords for incorporation into product descriptions. Viral Launch enables merchants to conduct important research for specific Amazon keywords. The tool offers statistics and feedback showing the performance of specific keywords used for Amazon sales and searches. Optimizing listings is extremely important for all Amazon merchants.

Once the merchant has analyzed the statistics pertaining to the success of the business in the past, Viral Launch provides information detailing the best optimization for the merchant’s Amazon presence. Once the products have been published by the merchant, Amazon PPC and advertising help ensure proper advertising. The keyword manager helps merchants track all keyword being used.

Viral Launch Pricing

Viral Launch Pricing

Beginners Research Kit: The price is $49.17 per month billed yearly or billed monthly at $59. The package includes:

• Market intelligence
• Tracking three competitors
• Product discovery
• 24/7 customer support
• Product idea score

Pro Seller: The price is $82.50 per month billed yearly or billed monthly at $99. The package includes:

• Keyword research

• 2,000 daily ad tracking and keyword ranking
• Tracking three competitors
• Market intelligence
• 24/7 customer support
• Product discovery
• Listing builder
• 30 hourly ad tracking and keyword rankings
• Product idea score
• 50 listing analytics

Brand Builder: The price is $149 per month billed yearly or billed monthly at $124.17. The package includes:

• Keyword research

• Product discovery

• Listing builder
• 5,000 daily ad tracking and keyword ranking
• 24/7 customer support
• 100 listing analysis
• Product idea score
• 100 hourly ad tracking and keyword ranking
• Tracking 100 competitors
• Market intelligence

Data Hunter: The price is $332.50 per month billed yearly or billed monthly at $399. The package includes:

• Market intelligence

• Keyword research
• Tracking 250 competitors
• 15,000 daily ad tracking and keyword ranking
• 24/7 customer support
• Product idea score
• Product discovery
• 300 hourly ad tracking and keyword ranking
• 250 listing analysis
• Listing builder

To learn more check out our Viral Launch review.

Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch

The differences between Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch must be considered. Among Amazon merchants, Jungle Scout is more popular. In comparison to similar product research tools currently available on the market, Jungle Scout is offering extremely competitive prices. Most users are confident in the software and have provided evidence the app was used successfully.

The consistent feature updates ensure Jungle Scout will remain a competitive option in 2021. Viral Launch is also popular software. Amazon merchants receive features to help achieve success with product marketing. The biggest issues with Viral Launch are the poor ticket response and more expensive pricing. The unique tools offer different possibilities and functions.

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Jungle Scout offers an exceptional user interface and an excellent usability tool. Additional filter options are offered through Viral Launch. Some merchants will require the additional filter options, while others will not. Most merchants agree the filter options offered by Jungle Scout are both efficient and extensive. Jungle Scout provides merchants with smart key figures based on complicated algorithms.

This includes the opportunity score and the listing quality score. Viral Launch enables merchants to purchase both book services and Amazon tools. A lot of freelancers prefer the Jungle Scout marketplace for offering services. Viral Launch offers unique tools including split testing, market intelligence, and competitor intelligence.

Jungle Scout offers a tremendous advantage for Amazon merchants with the supplier database as opposed to the management and discount launch services offered by Viral Launch for new products. One tool is not necessarily better than the other. The best tool is determined by the specific needs of each Amazon merchant. This review still finds Jungle Scout has an edge over Viral Launch, making it the better option.

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The InfiniteFBA team is made up of proud Amazon FBA geeks and e-commerce experts obsessed with finding new ways to boost sales. We’ve done the homework so you don’t have to. Our team of successful sellers provides genuine, accurate and up-to-date reviews of Amazon Seller tools and services.

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Infinite FBA

The InfiniteFBA team is made up of proud Amazon FBA geeks and e-commerce experts obsessed with finding new ways to boost sales. We’ve done the homework so you don’t have to. Our team of successful sellers provides genuine, accurate and up-to-date reviews of Amazon Seller tools and services.

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