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Jungle Scout Vs Unicorn Smasher: Best for Product Research

Jungle Scout Vs Unicorn Smasher

The Fight to Find the Winning Product

Getting started as a new entrepreneur with Amazon FBA can be a very daunting process at first, mostly because of Amazon hosts around twelve million products on its site. How does one know what exactly to sell on Amazon? Trying to figure out product trends, what products have sold the most revenue, or product opportunity can seem impossible. This is where product data tools like jungle scout and unicorn smasher come to the rescue. Both of these tools were created to gather data from existing products, currently selling on Amazon, decipher product sales, locate product trends, determine the type of fulfillment, estimate revenue, and more. This data is vital not only during the product research phase but throughout entire processes and can help an Amazon FBA seller to find profitable niche products to sell.
The popular question at hand is: what is the best tool to use for Amazon FBA sellers to operate a more successful business? The battle of jungle scout vs unicorn smasher has begun! It should be known that both tools will show the user how specific products sell compared to other products on Amazon and whether the product is sold by Amazon or other FBA sellers. Also, both unicorn smasher and jungle scout use Google Chrome extensions so the user can view these product statistics with ease. On the flip side, there are some major differences to what these products offer which will ultimately be the determining factor in what product is best for you.
Some of the major differences between jungle scout and unicorn smasher come down to features, data accuracy, and pricing. We will discuss the differences in these categories so that you may decide which product research tool is right for you and your business.

The Difference in Features

Here we will discuss the main features of both jungle scout and unicorn smasher and the differences for what they offer. We are comparing both of these products based on the Google Chrome extensions of each.


Unicorn Smasher

Unicorn smasher offers a way for end-users to view prices, see bestseller ranks, reviews, and ratings as well as individual product revenue. All of this is done through Google Chrome as unicorn smasher itself is a Chrome extension. This is the base use and foundation of this program. It is important to understand that unicorn smasher uses tens of thousands of points of data retrieved from live products on Amazon to build these datasheets. Instantly this data shows the end-user what products are selling the most and whether the seller is FBA or AMZ, an important piece of information when doing product research. Unicorn smasher allows instant export of each data sheet with a CSV button at the bottom right of the window. I like this feature as it creates a spreadsheet that can be printed easily.

Full review of Unicorn Smasher can be found here.


Jungle Scout

Jungle scout works in much the same way that unicorn smasher does in the Google Chrome extension, but there are some added features with this program that can prove to be quite useful. First and foremost, the jungle scout chrome extension is separate from its web-based program. The web-based version of jungle scout yields a wider variety of features and unlimited searches. Perhaps one of the most notable features of the web-based version on jungle scout is the inclusion of “opportunity finder.” Opportunity Finder is a tool that can be used to discover emerging trends and product niches. Extension can be purchased separately and completely stand-alone from the web-based version of jungle scout. This version allows the end-user to view all product data while on Amazon product pages. This makes data searching fast and efficient. Just search for a product, click the jungle scout extension, and watch the instant results. Viewing sales estimates, searching opportunity scores, and evaluating revenue potential is a cinch. Jungle scout uses AccuSales, it’s very own estimation engine, which touts over five-hundred million data points processed every day. The AccuSales algorithm was designed to give the most up-to-date and accurate product sales estimation on the market. There is even a supplier tracker included which allows the user to communicate directly with the suppliers while in the program. That being said, jungle scout hosts a wide variety of features for those that are looking for an in-depth and comprehensive program that can provide everything from sales analytics to academy training courses designed to aid you along on your Amazon FBA journey toward becoming a top-tier seller. Read our full Jungle Scout review to see how it can help your Amazon FBA business. 

How Accurate is Your Data?

Jungle Scout Data Accuracy

Accuracy of data is perhaps the most important part of either program. After all, if the data is not correct then the program is pretty much useless. When comparing both jungle scout and unicorn smasher, the basic information from the data sheets is pretty close, although it appears that in most cases unicorn smasher displays a little less revenue being sold per item than jungle scout shows. This type of inaccuracy has been reported by users and can make some a little hesitant about the software. The silver lining here, though, is that unicorn smasher typically underestimates the sales revenue dollars rather than overestimating them. Rankings and inventory levels seem to be accurate and comparative to results found on jungle scout. One thing that unicorn smasher does here which jungle scout does not do is to display the promotional items found on each product page into the revenue datasheet. If you were to look at the results of a product page report from unicorn smasher side-by-side to a product page report form jungle scout, you would notice that unicorn smasher will always display the promotional products on the list first whereas jungle scout only displays the organic sales.
Many users of jungle scout have found the software to be very reliable in terms of accurate data over long periods of time.

Unicorn Smasher Vs Jungle Scout

OK, So What is the Price?

As we look at pricing comparison, we can begin to understand why there are some core differences here between jungle scout and unicorn smasher.


Unicorn Smasher Extension Chrome

That is probably one of the most important factors when looking at unicorn smasher. The fact that you can install the Google Chrome extension of unicorn smasher for free can make this product software tool seem more attractive. Understand that unicorn smasher offers some of the same features as jungle scout and even views competitor pricing, but lacks many of the other features that jungle scout has to offer. There is a paid version of unicorn smasher that costs $49 which gives users some added features like using a datasheet to compare multiple product data points from multiple pages. This version is unicorn smasher pro. The free version of unicorn smasher is loaded with advertisements from AMZ tracker unicorn smasher’s parent company. Consequently, the advertisements for the complete upgrade to the AMZ Tracker can slow down unicorn smasher’s search results and display on your Amazon search results page.


Jungle Scout Pricing

Jungle scout requires a monthly fee to use either Extension or the web-based services or a combination of both. See those prices here. It should be stated that jungle scout offers a 14-day trial period in which a full refund can be issued if you are not happy with the product. This is definitely a positive factor and shows confidence in jungle scout’s software. Even though jungle scout costs a monthly fee, there are a lot of services bundled with that price including inventory manager, email campaigns, alerts, and more. These types of services can be extremely beneficial for target marketing. On top of this, jungle scout offers great customer service. Unicorn smasher is lacking these features. Add this to free training videos, intuitive layout, keyword scout, keyword scout, competitor ASIN finder, and historical search trends, and one has a plethora of tools for use at your disposal.

Jungle Scout Vs Unicorn Smasher and the Winner is…

So, who wins in the battle of jungle scout vs unicorn smasher? Well, the answer to that question is really up to you. If you are someone who is just getting started in the world of product research with Amazon FBA, then maybe unicorn smasher will help you to understand the reports without any upfront costs. On the other hand, some users may find that jungle scout is a better fit and more reliable offering comprehensive reports and tools.
Ultimately jungle scout is the product that has been used and trusted by many Amazon FBA sellers and still is. Unicorn Smasher puts up a good fight for the instant value and shouldn’t be counted completely out. It is up to you to decide whether you want to pay for more options, customer support, training, and reliability that comes with jungle scout or to just test the waters first with the free-to-use features of unicorn smasher.

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