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Unicorn Smasher vs Jungle Scout

Unicorn Smasher vs Jungle Scout – Amazon Software Battle

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Did you know there are over 353 million different products for sale on Amazon? That’s more products than there are people in the United States! This makes Amazon the world’s largest online retailer – and if you’re starting to sell there, it’s crucial to carry out market evaluation to ensure that your business will stand out.

However, market evaluation and product research can seem an overwhelming task when there’s so much competition. From selling fees and brand restrictions to price points and product descriptions, there are a lot of important factors to consider.

The good news is that by downloading a reliable product research tool, such as Unicorn Smasher or Jungle Scout, you can make this stage much easier. But how can you decide which tool is right for you? Unicorn Smasher vs Jungle Scout?

Our Unicorn Smasher vs Jungle Scout review will tell you everything you need to know, so you can choose the best tool for your business and start selling sooner.

What Are Unicorn Smasher and Jungle Scout?

Unicorn Smasher

Unicorn Smasher vs Jungle Scout Review

Unicorn Smasher is a free product research tool from the developers of AMZTracker, an Amazon Search Engine Optimization (SEO) software. It provides data, including prices, reviews, and estimated sales, for products available on either the US or UK-based marketplaces ( or

Downloadable as a Chrome extension, Unicorn Smasher gives you the ‘insider information’ on the products which appear on the Amazon search results page. Simply load the website, enter your desired keywords, and open Unicorn Smasher from the Chrome icon to view relevant product data.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout Vs

As its name suggests, web-based Jungle Scout aims to cut through the wilderness of the Amazon marketplace. Describing itself as an ‘all-in-one platform for selling on Amazon’, it’s a suite of software which helps you to launch and grow an Amazon business, from carrying out initial product research to optimizing your live listings.

In addition to its product research information, Jungle Scout also hosts a range of follow-on services such as a Supplier Database and customer experience tools. These allow users to research not just Amazon’s products but also the quality of their suppliers, as well as to automate emails and launch localized product promotions.

When comparing Unicorn Smasher vs Jungle Scout, these additional features are some of the biggest differences between the two.

Unicorn Smasher Breakdown


Provides monthly sales estimates and reliable metrics for different products and their variations
Stores product links in the Unicorn Smasher dashboard so that you can easily view listings
Displays accounts for every seller of a certain product
Analyzes the SEO ranking of a product’s canonical URL
Saves your favorite searches


The free version of Unicorn Smasher only works for the American and English marketplaces ( and Sellers outside these areas should consider downloading Jungle Scout instead
It displays data and product metrics but has none of the follow-on services available on Jungle Scout, which enables its users to carry out actions such as emailing customers and building offers

Jungle Scout Breakdown


Includes a database of over 70 million different products from Amazon’s catalog
Data filters allow you to customize your product research
Keeps track of Amazon’s overhead fees and costs
Calculates profit margins and product costs
Monitors global Amazon marketplaces (rather than just and in real-time


The product tracker will max out after 60 days, which means that you can’t keep tracking a certain product for longer than this timespan
The Chrome extension version of Jungle Scout, when compared to the suite of web-based software, has limited features. You can only carry out 10 searches on its product database, supplier database, and keyword scout, while its product tracker feature tracks a maximum of three products at once

Features of Unicorn Smasher and Jungle Scout

Features of Unicorn Smasher

  • Organized dashboard: Unicorn Smasher displays all its information on a single dashboard, enabling you to manage all of your product research in one place.
  • In-browser analysis: As Unicorn Smasher is downloadable as a Chrome extension, it displays sales and pay-per-click (PPC) metrics in your browser as you search Amazon. This means you don’t have to click between programs as you browse products.
  • Integrated export tool: The integrated export tool is a feature that allows you to download all of your product research data in .csv format (comma-separated values) so that you can easily send it between your different applications without having to copy it out or reformat it yourself.
  • Discreet sharing tool: Unicorn Smasher’s discreet sharing tool means that you can share aspects of your product research without giving away specific information, such as the exact products or niches you’re monitoring.
  • AMZTracker integration: By integrating Unicorn Smasher with AMZTracker, you can make full use of AMZTracker’s features – which allow you to carry out functions such as identifying gaps in the market, tracking sales, and completing on-page analysis – from within Unicorn Smasher’s intuitive interface.
  • Customer support: Unicorn Smasher includes a full help center and customer support feature, giving you quick access to troubleshooting and advice whenever you need it.

Features of Jungle Scout

  • Jungle Scout Academy: Especially useful for Amazon seller newbies, Jungle Scout includes an Academy feature that provides exclusive Amazon FBA educational resources, videos, training, and tips.
  • Jungle Scout Alerts: The Alerts feature will notify you if there are any critical changes to the Amazon products on your watch list. Whether it’s a product you’re hoping to add to your sales portfolio or a competitive item which has just lowered its price, you’ll be able to stay one step ahead of the game by being the first to know of any major changes to your marketplace.
  • Keyword Scout: Jungle Scout compiles millions of different data points to research the most frequently searched-for keywords on Amazon. Newly updated, this feature now tracks keywords across the US, Europe, Canada, and Mexico. You can use this information to give your products top-ranking descriptions that will draw in as many customers as possible, whatever marketplace you’re looking at.
  • Listing builder tool: The listing builder tool helps you to build high-ranking product listings. Each listing is given a real-time grade for how well it’s ranking on Amazon. This grade is dependent on its use of keywords and the effectiveness of its product description.
  • Jungle Scout Launch: The Jungle Scout Launch feature enables you to launch your products directly on Amazon from within the Jungle Scout software. It essentially provides the ‘aftercare’ for once you’ve started selling. From targeted email outreach to building promotions (currently possible in the US or UK only), this feature means you can look after all of your listings from a centralized source.
  • Inventory Manager: The Inventory Manager gives you real-time updates on your Amazon FBA inventory. This helps you to keep track of your stock and order new products as soon as you start to run low on anything. For your ultimate ease, the products in your inventory are color-coded according to their status: In Stock, Overstock, Reorder Soon, and Reorder Now.

How Do the Prices of Unicorn Smasher and Jungle Scout

How Much Does Unicorn Smasher Cost?

Unicorn Smasher is completely free to download as a Chrome extension. This makes it a popular choice for many Amazon sellers when choosing Unicorn Smasher vs Jungle Scout.

There’s a paid-for edition of Unicorn Smasher too. For a lifetime license fee of $49, this provides all the same original features found in the free version, with the added bonuses of more accurate data and ‘opportunity scores’. These are scores that analyze the potential of each product and can predict whether or not they would be a good sales opportunity. (Jungle Scout also offers this feature).

How Much Does Jungle Scout Cost?

When comparing Unicorn Smasher vs Jungle Scout, one of the most common complaints about Jungle Scout is that its web-based app and Chrome extension require separate payments. You can buy both as a bundle, but as you would expect, this is more expensive than buying just one or the other.

Currently, when compiling this Unicorn Smasher vs Jungle Scout review, Jungle Scout lists the following prices on its website:

Web-based software: special offer is $39 per month or $468 billed annually (regular price is $49 per month)
Jungle Scout software and Chrome extension bundle: special offer is $49 per month or $588 billed annually (regular price is $69 per month)
Chrome extension: special offer is $19 per month or $228 billed annually (regular price is $39 per month)

These prices will vary depending on how many sales Jungle Scout makes each month. If the number of its monthly sales exceeds 500, it will change its price to $69 for the web-based software. This is applicable up to 2,000 sales. From 2,001 to 5,000 sales, the price will increase to $99, and from 5,001 to 10,000 sales, it will increase again to $199. If the number of sales exceeds 10,000, the charge will be $399.

The Chrome extension is cheaper, but its features are limited. If you’re torn between Unicorn Smasher vs Jungle Scout but definitely want a browser extension, consider picking Unicorn Smasher.

Should You Choose Unicorn Smasher vs Jungle Scout Based on Price?

If you’re wondering whether to choose Unicorn Smasher vs Jungle Scout, one of the most important considerations is going to be the price – and your budget is likely to depend on where you are in your Amazon seller journey.

It’s a good idea to make your Unicorn Smasher vs Jungle Scout decision based on the overall value of each product research tool, as opposed to their upfront cost. If your business would benefit from a wider range of features, that will support you throughout your selling journey, it might be best to invest in Jungle Scout. Just be sure to place your order as close to the start of the month as possible, to secure the lowest price.

Unicorn Smasher vs Jungle Scout: Which Should You Choose?

Ultimately, whether you should choose Unicorn Smasher vs Jungle Scout will depend on the needs of your business. The bottom line is that both tools make the vital task of carrying out product research substantially easier than it would be without installing any specialist software. But which one has the edge? Unicorn Smasher vs Jungle Scout?

Although Jungle Scout is a lot more expensive than even the priced version of Unicorn Smasher – and has a variable pricing structure that makes it hard to predict exactly what you’ll pay – its range of features is comprehensive and helpful. Its keyword scout, listing builder tool, and launch function mean that you can use Jungle Scout throughout the entire selling process, from optimizing your listings to managing your stock inventory.

Another difference between Unicorn Smasher vs Jungle Scout is that Jungle Scout offers greater flexibility when searching for products. Its filters enable you to narrow your search by niche, price, or even weight, giving you personalized results in a few clicks.

While Unicorn Smasher is still useful for product research, it doesn’t offer tools that will help you to manage your listings once you’ve started selling. That said, it provides a host of impressive features considering it’s free. Its organized dashboard centralizes research for ease of reference, while its potential for AMZTracker integration will mean you can access more comprehensive features later down the line.

Final Thoughts

Still torn between Unicorn Smasher vs Jungle Scout? If you’re after a simple tool that will provide you with the ‘nuts and bolts’ you need for product research – without having to pay a licensing fee – then Unicorn Smasher will be the ideal choice for you and your business.

But if you think you’ll need some more developed software, to support you through more than just the product research stage of selling, then Jungle Scout should definitely win your vote.

We hope that this Unicorn Smasher vs Jungle Scout review has brought you one step closer to starting your Amazon seller journey! Shop for your preferred choice today!

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The InfiniteFBA team is made up of proud Amazon FBA geeks and e-commerce experts obsessed with finding new ways to boost sales. We’ve done the homework so you don’t have to. Our team of successful sellers provides genuine, accurate and up-to-date reviews of Amazon Seller tools and services.

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