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MerchantWords Review – Does it still work for Amazon

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Most retailers these days have a strong presence on Amazon. Whether you’re a brick-and-mortar store expanding into online workings, an online shop that’s looking for a wider audience, or a small business owner lost in a big pond, understanding how to read Amazon trends can make or break you. If you’ve been wondering how other sellers get ahead of the game, it’s not because they’re more intuitive than you. It’s because they have software and data analysis from places like MerchantWords.

We’ve put together a MerchantWords review to explain what the software does, explore how it works, and decide whether the offerings stand up to those of the competition.

What Is Merchant Words?

MerchantWords Review

MerchantWords is a software designed to let you research keywords in the Amazon marketplace. The concept behind the tool was to create a software intelligent enough to help sellers pinpoint what they should be selling to make a profit at any given moment.

Amazon is the largest company in the world, and nearly every retailer has a presence inside the marketplace. It’s an incredibly diverse store. The MerchantWords tool lets you find out what terms your ideal consumer base is searching most frequently during different periods of time. Using that information, you can craft marketing campaigns and product descriptions to attract consumer attention.

Does it still work in 2023?

MerchantWords is still going strong in 2023. The company’s website has recently published blog posts regarding how news trends affect current consumer interests. They also boast more than six years of data analysis, 1.6 billion collected keywords, and 400 million products analyzed. Unlike many other data tools on the market, which are limited in the marketplaces they track, MerchantWords gathers data from eleven different Amazon Marketplaces.

How Do You Use MerchantWords?

MerchantWords is one of the easiest pieces of software to navigate, even if you have absolutely no data analytics experience. The interface is very clean and intuitive.

When you log in, the first thing to do is type a search term into the search box. Immediately, you’ll be given a list of rough estimates regarding how many times the term and variations were searched on Amazon.

One of the neat features is the way that the interface automatically generates related keywords. Keyword variants allow you to think of new product ideas that were previously unheard of. You’d be surprised by what things are popular.

Given this keyword list, you can engage in a little data analysis of your own. What you want are keywords that are being searched a lot without having many results. If you fit that niche, you’ll have a ton of people moving straight to your store.

Another helpful feature is that you can search MerchantWords, Walmart, and Amazon with the standard search. This gives you a mental view of the competition and allows you to explore the different niches that people need to be filled. Just hover the cursor over the search results, then hover over the appearing magnifying glass. It’ll give you a ton of related data.

Because search terms can come with thousands or sometimes millions of data points, the program is also outfitted with a filtering system to make finding relevant information easier. You can have results sorted by volume or by category. There’s also the option of downloading your data in CSV format, a vital tool for those who need to engage in data analysis offline.

Another neat thing is that the data is available in search trends across eleven global marketplaces. If you’re a United States seller, you can see how your niche keyword translates to Japanese. The tool allows you to determine what consumers want even through a language barrier.

The most recent feature is an ability to optimize your Amazon listings with the following:

• Keyword-enriched title
• 5 bullet points for product features
• HTML and text descriptions
• An additional bundle of keywords
• Backend terms
• A free rewrite

Depending on your perspective, this tool can get a little pricey. It’s likely more profitable to use the program to find your unique Amazon niche instead.

Merchant Words Pricing

MerchantWords Pricing

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The listing advisor optimization service offers optimization at three hundred dollars per product. You can also purchase bundles, with the maximum bulk purchase being ten products optimized at $2500.

As for the data itself, the program comes with three plans that can be purchased on a monthly or annual basis.

The Silver plan offers a single country of data, 500 searches per month, and 10 keyword collections for $29 per month. The Gold plan offers regional data, 100 keyword collections, and 1000 monthly searches for $79 per month. For $149 per month, you can purchase the Platinum plan, which has access to all eleven marketplaces of Amazon data, 1000 keyword collections, and unlimited searches every month.

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MerchantWords Conclusion

MerchantWords is a software that offers access to a staggering amount of keyword data across eleven Amazon marketplaces. If you teach yourself how to read, analyze, and use the data to your advantage, it could make a giant difference in your life. But if you want a software tool that provides more of the answers for you, you’ll want to look into some of the competition.

Merchant Words Alternatives

The biggest takeaway from this MerchantWords review is that the software gives you data from eleven global marketplaces, but the data and analysis tools are fairly primitive. If you’re looking for free alternatives or for paid options with more intensive research capabilities, there are a number of competitors out there.

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The top competitor is Viral Launch, which is available to US subscribers for a monthly fee. It claims to provide the most accurate real-time Amazon data, and there are filtering features that let you hone information. For example, it filters out irrelevant keywords, finds low competition keywords, finds low bidded keywords for ad campaigns, and shows trends by search volume. It’s amazing for anyone trying to build a niche marketing campaign from the ground up.

For gathering data alone, a great alternative is a free Google Extension called Sonar. The program is encoded with complicated algorithms that capture changing keywords and trends. However, there’s not the same tools for data analysis that you’d get with some other Amazon review checker tools.

Scope is an alternative that ranges from free use to a monthly fee for premium features. Through this tool, you can monitor keyword ranking lists and best-selling product trends. More complex data and analysis is unlocked through a premium subscription.

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